This guy is a tool.


“I think next, we should have monkeys as referees in the preseason just as an experiment.”

When Adam Silver talked about putting advertisements on jerseys last year, I was wondering what was up with this ass clown. Now, I truly believe that Silver is just as much as an idiot as David Stern is.

In a report by various sources, including the Tribune, Silver said he has considered adding a “mid-season tournament”. Right, like the 82-game season and playoffs that last two months with many days off between games isn’t enough basketball.

There is a thing called saturation meaning too much of something could be a bad thing. You saw it with the another idiotic commissioner in Roger Goodell wanting to add football games nearly every night and extending the season by two games. Fuck that guy too.

In addition, the rich just keep getting richer and in all sports too. First, the NFL continues to be asinine by starting to put playoff games on cable. Two games of the Stanley Cup Final have always been on cable in the United States. And now, Silver wants to negotiate a new TV deal two years before the current one is up. With that, they are discussing to split up the NBA Finals between ABC and TNT.

They say it’s because they are “contending with a changing landscape with TV vs. internet”. In reality, these fuckers are so damn greedy, they’ll do anything for a few extra bucks.

Note to Adam Silver and every other commissioner: Go drink battery acid.


9 Responses to “This guy is a tool.”

  1. chucky Says:

    Yeah, this guy is an assclown. No question. But last night proved to me that the most incompetent, spineless, goddamned piece of shit idiot commissioner in sports today is far and away Pud Selig. The over the top dick sucking of Derek Jeter made me fucking sick. Where the fuck were the tributes to guys like Don Zimmer, Tony Gwynn, Jim Fregosi, or even Ralph Kiner? No, you felt it more important to give Derek Jeter a national blow job. You fucking rat bastard son-of-a-BITCH. And as far as making the All Star game “mean something”, i.e., home field advantage in the World Series, well Pud, all I can say is FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! I hope to hell somebody walks up to your sorry, ignorant OLD ass and punches you right in the fucking nuts. Small target, but it would be worth it.

  2. dvxprime Says:

    “Several teams have reportedly expressed interest in trading for Love, with Golden State and Cleveland emerging as the most serious suitors.”

    Oh, BTW, this is from a Sports Illustrated article where LeBron is courting Kevin Love.

    The Bulls are sooo fucking hosed.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    There are reports saying that the Cavaliers are willing to trade Wiggins along with others and draft picks to get Kevin Love.

    Let’s be honest here, the real reason why Carmelo didn’t come to Chicago was because of the shitty people running the franchise from top to bottom. Sure, the Knicks suck too but he didn’t want to go a Western Conference team.

    The Bulls, as DVX aptly put it, ‘hosed’ either way. Maybe if ThomASS was fired and replaced with someone who actually knows how to take care of his players, then maybe Carmelo would have arrived.

  4. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    The Cavs will be a playoff team for sure as they stand now. I dont think they need Love.

    Don’t forget the overrated pussy eating up a BIG chunk of cap space playing 10 games in 2 seasons as a teammate.

    How about Kaner and Towes signing 8 year deals. Good Shit!

  5. Fro Dog Says:

    You’re right. They don’t “need” Love but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Besides, unless Wiggins is the second coming of Jordan, he hasn’t played a minute in the NBA so I would make that trade now.

    It’s really awesome to see the Blackhawks actually take care of their players these days rather than in the past when the old fart was owning the team and he would do nothing but low ball players until they were forced out of town. I do worry a bit about the salary cap and if they are able to replenish the players they have to get rid of in the next year or two. They seem to have a lot of guys who are ready to step in though for real cheap so that’s a good sign.

  6. dvxprime Says:

    …aaand the Bulls signed Pau Gasol.


  7. chucky Says:

    Carlos Boozer 2.0

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    Gasol is two years older than Boozer. And while Gasol’s defense is slightly better than Boozer, you guys are right. He isn’t that much better. But leave it to Jerry Reinsdorf and the rest of the turds in the front office to screw shit up. It was like that even during the Jordan years. Not to bring that up, but come on. Everybody knows the Bulls could have won at least one more title had Reinsdorf fired that fat fuck, Jerry Krause.

    It’s been the same old shit all of these years. Forman and Paxson will never lose their jobs because they are his friends.


    Did you hear about what the Fire did on Saturday. I was watching the tail end of that game and they blew it in extra time to end up in a tie. It must a Chicago thing. I am telling you, they are playing with fire but no PASSION.

  9. James Says:

    Boozer is a scrub compared to Gasol. Dont even mention both their names in the same sentence.

    Gasol is a skilled intense 7 footer. Boozer is a cement block with a rainbow j.


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