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Training camp starts this week. Thoughts?

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  1. Fro Dog Says:

    Well, this is sure to fire Chucky up as well as myself, but Dan McNeil is mysteriously absent again from The Score. Apparently, he is in contract negotiations and is demanding a raise after being off for almost a month for vacation.

    With all of the time McNeil has taken off, this amounts to maybe three months out of the year he has worked. And he wants a raise with it?

    Is anybody else pissed off as Chucky and I are over the garbage at The Score? My frustrations started years ago with their lack of local programming late at nights. They finally add Grobstein and others to host after 10:00 p.m. on weeknights.

    They are slowly losing Lawrence Holmes (who actually had a late-morning show before McNeil and Spiegal came in). He has a morning show online, I believe and he is hardly ever on at nights. Jason Goff took another job in Atlanta and he was pretty good.

    Steven Rosenbloom, who actually knows what the hell is he talking about has had his time reduced as well. I really like Mully and Hanley but they are on when I am sleeping and when I get in the car to go to work, I only listen to the last half hour of the show.

    There are so many damn idiots on there like Barry Rozner (dumbest one of them all), Bruce Levine and of course, McNeil. I would listen to ESPN 1000 but they suck too and 87.7 is a pain in the ass to get decent reception on.

  2. chucky Says:

    Fro…..I was tempted to say something about McNeil being absent lately. I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’m as happy as a pig in shit about him being gone. I googled it and didn’t find a whole lot. I saw that his contract was up, also, that he was wanting to take off the summer and come back in time for football season. Another theory that is out there is that he wants the afternoon slot. Asshole. Did you know he made $300,000 a year? I’m in the wrong business. I can be just as terrible as him and take a third of that. Boers is at $500,000! My personal opinion on why McNeil isn’t there is simple. Relapse. He was gone for 8 weeks last October thru December to dry out from weed and painkillers. I think he’s back on that stuff. I won’t condemn him for that though. That shit is a bitch and a half to battle, I know firsthand. But I can’t say that I miss him either.

    Part of the problem with the Score is CBS. Corporate America strikes again. It’s all about their bottom line. The website sucks goats balls, the advertising is enough to piss off the Pope, and the on air schedule is updated only every couple of weeks. Most unprofessional bunch of fucking hacks I’ve seen in a long time. And their web stream blows too. Half the time it doesn’t work. Fuck you

    There was no reason at all to bring in Bruce Levine. Goddamn, they’ve got Steve Stone! Why spend money on this asswipe Levine? Fucking stupid. The contract they have with White Sox is pure bullshit too. They made a huge deal out of announcing that they acquired it shortly after they won the World Series in 05. It’s been a disaster ever since.. A good 50% of the callers to Chris Rongey don’t know shit. I’ve often wondered when Rongey would shoot himself in the goddamned head because of these morons. And they are forced to broadcast Sox games over the scheduled shows, even if the Sox are in last place. They have to do a bullshit post game show that NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR, when EVERYBODY ELSE wants to listen to Doug and OB Bears post game in September. And remember when they damn lost them too. Thank god Mike North got involved with a fucking thief, and that whole deal went into the shithouse.

    I’m not the biggest fan of Lawrence Holmes. If he left I wouldn’t lose a lot of sleep over it. Jason Goff was awesome. I loved that guy! It was a HUGE mistake letting him go to Atlanta. By the way, did you hear that he’s not there anymore. I saw him a couple of weeks ago on Comcast Sports Net. He’s got some kind of online show now, I think. Shows you how ignorant they top brass at the Score is. Have they lifted a finger to try and get Goff back? Probably not. Mully and Handley are OK. I like them. Speigel blows. I’m sick of his stupid song parodies, and he basically sucks now. Bernsteins intellectual superiority act has been completely worn out. Boers can put on a good show, when he wants to. Most days he mails it in pretty bad. I cannot understand why Steve Rosenbloom doesn’t get more airtime. Absolutely bullshit. He gets bumped up two hours, or off all together, so Levine and Randazzo can do a completely useless show, “Inside the Clubhouse”. Good fucking god, that show fucking blows. And yes, Rozner blows dog. Nothing more needs to be said about him. Football season can’t get here soon enough.

    I think the bottom line is this: Sports radio in Chicago is off the charts BAD. It will not get better any time soon. We must find whatever programs online, regardless of where they come from. It’s obvious that the suits running all 3 stations don’t give a goddamn about us listens. It’s all up to us. If I hear of anything that I happen to like, I’ll let you guys know about it. In the meantime, Mitch Rosen, KISS MY ASS BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    Let’s take a look at the other two stations:

    1. ESPN 1000 – Employed McNeil, Teinowitz and Levine. All left. There is no local morning show there until 10:00 when Carmen and Jurko get on there. Waddle and Silvy are okay, at best. Seeing that they hired Sarah Spain (more on her in a bit), that station hires mostly useless people. The only one that I really enjoy and still listen to is Jonathon Hood who use to be on The Score when I was in high school. Him and Laurence Holmes had a show where they talked wrestling called “Wrestlemaniacs”. That was in the early 2000’s.

    2. 87.7 The Game – New station and with some old (and stupid) faces. First, in the mornings, you are treated to David K(r)aplan and David Huh? from 9:00-12:00. Unless you want your ears to be torn off, don’t listen to these butt plugs.

    In the afternoon, they have Ben Finfer who use to have some shows every now and then on The Score. They also have Conor McKnight who is alright. If I am in the car, I can barely get this station in the far West suburbs. Comcast cable has this station on channel 877 but I, most of the time, forget this station even exists.

    So, really. Nothing much on either of these stations. Hey. I’m in the wrong business too if Dan McNeil is making that kind of cash just to work three months out of the year. Fuck that, just like you, I’ll work the whole year for a fourth of that.

    Now, on to Spain. I posted the comment, also, in part, because the traffic on this site has went through the roof in the last few weeks. Why? Because that HOOR, Sarah Spain, made appearances on Keith Olbermann’s show on ESPN 2 and a daytime show on there. Surprisingly, she wasn’t on there selling herself. I think she already accomplished that mission of putting her body out there for attention and future gigs.

  4. chucky Says:

    I’ll be honest Fro, I’ve haven’t even bothered trying the new station. The don’t have anybody there compelling enough for me try it. I’ve never been a fan of Teinowitz. He always struck me as a little punk ass bitch sidekick.

    I remember that show with Hood and Holmes. I remember Hood being pretty damn good there too. I listened to Mike and Mike once, several years ago. I nearly crashed my car because of the blood loss I suffered from both ears dropping a couple of pints. Just brutal. AND THEY’RE ON TELEVISION TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! You talk about Kraplan and Haugh being butt plugs, but goddamn, those two are fuckin’ amateurs compared to M and M.

    If McNeil’s contract did expire, and the Score resigns him, I may never listen to them again, with the possible exception being Sunday afternoons during football season.

    Sports radio in Chicago right now just sucks. It’s about a 1/2 step above political talk radio, liberal or conservative, and we all know how bad that bullshit is. If you don’t believe me, try listening to Rush Limbaugh for a half hour with wanting to blow your fucking brains out.

  5. chucky Says:

    Oh, by the way, Colin Cowherd’s show, “The Herd”, should actually be called “The Turd”. That’s about what it amounts to.

  6. chucky Says:

    About fucking time! What the hell were they waiting for?

    I never understood what they saw in this midget.

  7. dvxprime Says:

    Ummm…full disclosure.

    I listen to Limbaugh on my Fridays off.

    On the other hand I also bought books by Michael Moore and Olbermann…

    aaand I also watched TV simulcasts of “The Herd” when I had days off and a TV…

    Back on topic, nobody said anything about Bernstein?

    Also: no Jim Rome fans here?

    I did listen to Boers and Bernstein when I was stationed in Rockford (holy shit, was it TEN YEARS AGO already?)…lot of good times on the drive back and forth to the MEPS in Chicago.

  8. Fro Dog Says:

    I am not much of a fan of Jim Rome but I did enjoy what he did to David Stern a year or two ago. Stay classy, Mr. Stern.

    Also, great mention by DVX about staying in Rockford. I have to go there once a week now to get stock for my business since the two warehouses are up there. Thankfully, I only spend an hour or so there before heading back home. I have either spent time in or driven through the most miserable cities in America according to Forbes in the last few years: Detroit, Flint, St. Louis and Rockford.

    But hey, on the bright side, Rockford does have an Olive Garden!

  9. Fro Dog Says:

    Alright, here’s your latest news from the Bulls.

    According to sources, the Bulls offered the Timberwolves Gibson, McDermott and Mirotic for Kevin Love.

    I would do that trade now, if possible. The way I see it, Gibson is good on defense and that’s great, but his contract is cap-friendly. McDermott and Mirotic are two, unproven guys yet to play in the NBA. I highly doubt either of them are going to be all-stars so this trade makes sense.

    If that doesn’t work, they should trade Noah and Butler. Why? Noah has two bad feet and that’s been well-known. Butler’s legs are dead and will stay that way because of ThomASS. So, it’s Noah who was defensive player of the year (but injury-prone) and Butler (injury waiting to happen). These are two players who are damaged goods for a guy is who is still, only 25 and is a top ten player in the game. Give them Mike Dunleavy as well just for the fact that he is Mike Dunleavy and because his contract is expiring. Throw in some draft picks for them too to sweeten the pie.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think either of these are going to happen.

  10. chucky Says:

    Fro…..Do you think any trade will help the Bulls as long as Thibodeau is still running the same guys into the ground? I don’t. I don’t think anything good is going to happen, regardless of who they acquire, as long as that stupid bastard is in charge. It’ll just be business as usual, with Thibodeau running Noah’s and Butler’s legs into hamburger, and the shit storm of injuries that will follow. And it’ll start in the preseason, because as we all know, championships are won in October.

  11. Fro Dog Says:

    I am aware of that, yes. I wish the Bulls would have tossed that dip shit after their bed-wetting performance in the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals. I wish I didn’t take a trip back to this but I just have to, once again, show the idiots what I am talking about.

    Game 4: Bulls need a win to tie the series and make it a best-of-three. The Bulls have the lead going into the fourth quarter. Derrick Rose has already played about 31 of the possible 36 minutes. Instead of resting him for the first two or three minutes of the fourth (or last two-three minutes of the third), what does ThomASS do? He keeps Rose in the game and he plays the entire fourth quarter. And to my memory, which is still, fairly fresh, he was really struggling down the stretch of that game. He missed a couple shots that would have helped the Bulls and at the end, a potential game-winner at the buzzer.

    Overtime arrives and he doesn’t do anything significant. Why? Because he was out of gas and all the Heat had to do was stick LeBron on him or use a double-team because everyone else on the court was sucking ass too. A fresh Derrick Rose could have been the difference. Instead, he played 48 out of a possible 53 minutes.

    Bulls lose that game and the next one (they blow a 12-point lead with four minutes left).

    You’re right though. I am such an idiot. Everyone knows championships are won in the preseason. Just ask the Spurs.

  12. chucky Says:

    Mike Murphy out in San Francisco……..

    NOT FAR ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. dvxprime Says:

    You know what? If not for the promise of the Bears’ upcoming season, I would be very tempted to walk away from the NFL…forever.

    He hasn’t played a single down,much less made the Rams’ roster, but I am already sick and tired of Michael motherfucking Sam. All Tony Dungy did was make the Buccaneers respectable and won a Super Bowl (thank you, Pey Pey) for the Colts, and now he can’t say ONE. FUCKING. WORD. about not wanting him on his team because it would be a distraction? Are we going to have everybody shitting their pants every time somebody wants to say something negative about Michael Sam? God forbid he gets cut, or makes the roster and gets torched by a team’s #4 WR on his first start. he was the goddamned SEC Defensive Player of the Year; that should’ve been enough for him. We have enough problems worrying about people’s sex lives (looking at all you footballers with 20 kids by 10 baby mamas), we don’t need to know you like to get fucked up the ass.

    Ray Rice getting two games for a domestic battery that was caught on film. Wonderful. The NBA wants to go after Don Sterling for stupid comments on a TMZ audiotape, we’ve had footballers suspended for an entire season for Bountygate and taking PEDs and other drugs, Mike Vick got banned for dog-fighting…and TWO GAMES for this bullshit? yeah, I’m sure all the NFL fans who grew up with domestic unrest in their homes feel REAL good about that, Mr. Goddell.

    Dammit, WTF is up with NFLers? Motherfuckers who are six-foot whatever and three hundred pounds can build their bodies and read an NFL playbook, but can’t keep their heads and asses wired on right? WTF is up with the Thought Police and the Crybaby Army making pussies of the NFL? How much longer is football going to be worth watching anymore?


  14. Fro Dog Says:

    Chucky, did Boers say that again recently? I remember him always saying that a few years ago. I must say, everyone hated Murph. I didn’t realize how many people did so until after he left The Score. Since 2011, he has done weekends on ESPN 1000 with his former partner, Fred Huebner.

    Also, DVX = ANGRY.

  15. chucky Says:

    Fro….right before I typed it, during Friday Fung! I always get a laugh out of that.

  16. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:
    I think I could have gotten away….

  17. genrebuster Says:

    I didn’t realize that beating the shit out of a woman was more acceptable than flunking a drug test or smoking a little weed…my bad!.

    Ray Rice should have been punished far more severely. Sean Payton gets suspended for a year…and Ray Rice gets 2 games? WTF!

    Goodell is an utter ASSHOLE for setting such a PATHETIC example and he should step down…or be removed. Another huge load of crap. Maybe if somebody knocked him out cold he’d get a clue…nah, probably not.

  18. dvxprime Says:

    Oh, did I mention the Vikings assistant coach who got suspended for three games for making a gay joke, and that whiny bitch punter Chris Kluwe is now suing the team? I have to ask this: when is male-on-male sodomy and/or women going down on each other a civil rights case? I also say this again: six foot something three hundred men are going to act like sensitive whiny bitches over shit like this?

    Sooo…telling gay jokes is a three game suspension, and publicly taped domestic violence gets you a two game suspension. Dafuck???

  19. chucky Says:

    That’s ole Roger “dickless” Goodell, assclown at large. I hope some day somebody walks up to his sorry ass and punches him in the throat, and follows it up with a hard kick to the nuts. And after that, I’ll personally volunteer to bash him in the face with a piece of heavy mining equipment, then lock him in a portable outhouse and set it on fire. If he survives that, I’ll have no choice then but to just simply disembowel him with a wooden cooking spoon.

    Goddamn that felt good!

  20. genrebuster Says:

    chucky….RAGING! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  21. Fro Dog Says:

    Chucky, why so ANGRY? Leave the chainsaw in the garage.

    Also, check your email. I replied back to your message a few days back.

  22. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    If the movie “The Purge” was real I would get a suit of body armor and just follow Chucky!!

  23. Fro Dog Says:

    Could you imagine that? I would feel very safe around him. No one would fuck with us because this crazy bastard is out sawing off people’s heads.

  24. chucky Says:

    Sawing off someone’s head?

    Sounds like fun! Who’s up first?

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