So nice of you guys to show up. Sort of.



Well, it wasn’t dominating (it never is), but the Bears pulled this one out. As usual, it should have been by more but as fans, we’ll take wins any way they can get them. For the last year or two, some of us were always thinking why the Bears can’t play a game where they show up and play well from start to finish. We should expect this but we know it won’t happen because, let’s face it, it’s the Bears. Like I said though, there is a long way to go but they won today.

Offense: First, we have to look at what Trestman did at the end of the half. For the second or third time this season, he was shitty with clock management. The Bears lost about 20 seconds or so while driving and only picked up a field goal out of it because time was running out. That really has to stop. However, the play selection the entire game was solid. Finally, they ran the ball like I have been bitching about all year. How fucking hard is it to do what Trestman did today with the play-calling? Forte and Carey were lights out carrying and receiving for Forte. There is nothing wrong with passing more than running in games, but when the right kind of plays aren’t called in certain situations, that’s what pisses me off. I like the even balance of pass/run but today works well too.

Because of these plays that were called, Dickface didn’t turn the ball over and everybody contributed in big ways. When the Bears run the ball and run it efficiently, this opens up the pass game and allows the Bears to use their threats properly. Thus, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett. There were some third downs in which Cutler was able to find any of those three receivers to get first downs. Yes, they could have scored another touchdown or two but overall, it was solid. Had this happened in two other games this season, the Bears are 5-1.

Defense: No Lance Briggs? No problem. Also, Chris Conte continued his streak of getting hurt in every game. I think he should just retire. I thought the linebackers played well. Backups Daryl Sharpton and Khaseem Greene played very well. And another backup who they found on the street, Demontre Hurst, had an interception late in the game. The front four finally played like it was expected before the season started. Matt Ryan was sacked four times. The line of Allen, Paea, Young, Ratliff and Houston all contributed by getting pressure on Ryan the entire game. And speaking of Willie Young, there isn’t much to be happy about still, but Young is earning his money and has been the Bears most consistent player on defense.

Special Teams: Our old friend Devin Hester returned but didn’t do much, so that’s encouraging. I was driving home when the Bears scored the go-ahead touchdown and heard that Robbie Gould’s extra point was blocked. So the overpaid and overrated kicker now gets an extra point blocked? Kick it high and kick it far, Robbie. Or else, you won’t get that next contract so you can feed your family. I know, I keep bringing that up. But hey, he said it. Not me. If he actually makes those field goals when they count, then, I wouldn’t be spending my time doing this.

If someone can answer this question about the special teams, feel free. But why do the Bears get so many damn penalties of holding and illegal blocks in the back? Does someone have a stat (cue Yeti) on who leads the league in penalties on special teams? I would think the Bears are in the top part of that category.

Next up: The Bears are still in the hole. The Lions disposed of the Vikings and Aaron Rodgers decided to fuck around with the Dolphins before saying enough is enough. The Bears are two games out of first (Packers are one game ahead plus the tiebreaker) with those same Dolphins coming up at home. I think that would be a nice time for the Bears to get their first home win of the season.

4 Responses to “So nice of you guys to show up. Sort of.”

  1. Kevin Hill Says:

    lamarr houston finally showed up.

  2. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:

    Andrew Shaw kinda had that coming…

  3. Cubs Bears Sox Suck Says:


    “The Chicago Bulls climbed to .500 in the preseason after last night’s 110-90 win against the Denver Nuggets, but the team’s perfectionist coach, Tom Thibodeau, wasn’t exactly thrilled with the outcome. According to Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times, Thibodeau is wanting a San Antonio Spurs-like focus from his team as the preseason wears on and he just hasn’t seen that yet from them. As well, Thibodeau thinks stars Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah have a lot more work to do”

    Coach ThomASS had this to say…..

    ‘‘I’m watching San Antonio, and they’re going after it,’’ Thibodeau said. ‘‘Parker, Duncan, they’re playing huge minutes right off the start. I think it’s a strong message what they’re saying right now. They’re preparing themselves to defend their championship. And so in order to get that way from them, you’re going to have to wrestle it away from them. They’re not just going to give it away. Your mind-set has to be right.’’

    Watch out boys, now that ThomASS has seen the Spurs play some minutes in a preseason game he can justify running his team in the ground some more.

  4. Fro Dog Says:

    Damn. The replay in Chicago didn’t show that Shaw hit him in the nuts. Don’t get me wrong, I love Shaw, but that was a stupid thing to do.


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