ThomASS ‘unhappy’ with performance of the Bulls in the preseason


Credit to reader, CS, for the link in the previous post.

According the report that CS posted, ThomASS is already getting started on the demise of the 2014-2015 Chicago Bulls. I think we all saw this coming but in the preseason? I feel like a broken record because I write the same shit every basketball season that ThomASS has been the head coach of this team.

Apparently, he’s mad at the players and say they have a lot of work to do. Then, to the insult of everyone’s intelligence (I don’t have much of this but others do), he compares to the Bulls to, the Spurs? Is this a fucking joke? No team should compare themselves to the Spurs, much less, the Bulls. Supposedly, Parker and Duncan played a lot of minutes in one preseason game. Maybe Popovich down there did it to see how they are. But the difference between him and the PATHETIC excuse for a head coach that the Bulls have, that shit won’t happen in the regular season often. There will be a game where Tim Duncan plays 35 or 40 minutes. He may do it a second game in a row. But, he will likely play much less the next game or not at all. Likewise for Parker.

I wrote about this shit after the Spurs won, yet, another title after. Even an idiot like myself knows that this is what needs to be done in order to give the team the best chance to win. Sometimes, Popovich is alright with playing just the bench for one game in the regular season just for the starters to get some rest.

As I look at the Bulls this season, they may be “deeper” with their bench, but they aren’t going to play. That’s why they will continue to lose in the first or second round of the playoffs. The same problems are there. The coach is a fucking idiot, Rose has two bad knees, Noah has two bad feet and now, a bad knee too. Gasol is on his last legs and players like Tony Snell and Cameron Bairstow will be lucky to even dress this season. If an actual head coach is in charge, all 12 players dressed will be contribute in some way, shape or form. With the Bulls, however, only two or three bench players will play.

And if the preseason is any indication, free throws will be what DOOMS the Bulls again this season. Check the stats (cue Yeti) for yourself.

Prediction: Second/Third place in the conference and an exit in the first or second round of the playoffs by the Wizards, Heat or Raptors.


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