Open thread


Your thoughts on the Bears this Sunday and anything else.

6 Responses to “Open thread”

  1. shanon Says:

    I just hope Mel Tucker is right in letting the hurt bound veterans start again.

  2. dvxprime Says:

    This is what happens when smart-asses who run sites that are supposedly about sports fuck up and try to stick their neck out into politics. Dumb motherfuckers:

  3. Nemo Says:

    Thank God! (or Satan or the Flying Spaghetti Monster) that the stupid fucking Cardinals are not in the World Series this year!!!

    I’ll actually watch (and root for the Royals). Gotta say, I’m a bit jealous the mediocre Royals make the playoffs once in 30 years and they go straight to the World Series. Cubs made playoffs in ’89,’98,’03,’07, and ’08 and couldn’t get there once. PATHETIC. In fact, the Royals have already won MORE games this one postseason than the Cubs have won in those 5 appearances COMBINED!!!!!

  4. SunriseZone Says:

    I have no idea how Percy Harvin is feeling today, after having been traded by the Seahawks to the Jets. Harvin is going from the defending champions to a last place team, but on the other hand he was reportedly involved in two fistfights with Seattle teammates and has been having his lowest yards-per-catch average this year. The Seahawks, meanwhile, will reportedly save at least 5.7 million in 2015 in cap space by dealing him.

  5. genrebuster Says:

    two fistfights? then he’s probably feeling better…and still getting paid.

  6. dvxprime Says:

    The Bears are getting owned by Ryan Tannehill. The man is not the second coming of Dam Marino, but he just ate up half the third quarter on an 80+ yard drive, ran for 30 yards on a 4th and 1 (has 50 yards rushing for the game) and is like 19 for 21 with 200+ yards passing.

    Fire Mel Tucker. That is all.


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