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Well, folks, the NFL season is here. Feel free to add your thoughts on the Bears. I am expecting a lot of ANGER after Sunday’s opener against Packers. A majority of the country will be watching this game as Fox’s #1 announcers in Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will be calling it. After that, we will be stuck with kiss of death to Chicago Sport’s announcers, Dick Stockton and Kenny Albert to call games for the Bears on Fox. Fuck those guys.

9 Responses to “Open thread”

  1. chucky Says:

    I remember when Trestman was fired, and then eventually John Fox was announced as the new head coach. I was really excited, thinking that the Bears had FINALLY figured it out, that a real head coach wasn’t some fucking retarded scrawny nerd with weird looking glasses, a condescending black prick who thought he knew it all, and the rest of us were too goddamned stupid to understand him or what he was doing. I thought that Fox was going to change all of that.


    Fox came in here and started talking the same, cryptic horseshit that Dr. Death and the OLD BITCHS favorite boy toy, Lovie FUCKING Smith talked. No difference at all. Even before the training camp, or even the OTAs, I knew who truly was running the show. Toad Phillips, and the goddamned McCaskey family. And as long as these motherfucking retards are in the picture, the Chicago Bears will go NOWHERE!!!!!! These people are so fucking stupid it’s scary. They have absolutely no business owning or operating an NFL franchise, period. John Fox may well be a great head coach. It will not matter. Toad Phillips, along with George McCaskey and his mother, the OLD BITCH, have already neutered him. He no longer has any balls, and today is the first day of the season for the Bears.

    Buckle up men. This will be really fucking ugly. Doug Buffone is already turning over in his grave. And the old man himself, George Halas, has reserved a special section in hell for his beloved daughter, the OLD BITCH herself, and her idiot spawn, George, Michael, and who ever else involved in burying the Bears, for what they have done to this once great and proud organization.

    All I can really say is…..when do pitchers and catchers report for spring training next year?

  2. CubsBearsSoxSuck Says:

    I am not ANGRY. I am DISAPPOINTED. I have almost no expectations for this team. If and when I do watch a game it will be rooting for Cutler to shit himself once again justifying what I have been saying for years and forcing the Bears to do what needs to be done and draft a QB.

    I have no expectations for John Fox. If anyone remembers before Peyton Manning was thrown is his lap he was never really anything worth a shit. Kind of like Erik Spoelstra, what has he done after LeBron left?

    Although I am still clinging on as a Bears fan I will be keeping an eye on the Colts this year. Already have a buddy Colts fan asking me to go to that nice warm indoor stadium to watch a game and it sounds pretty damn appealing. May be jumpin’ ship.

  3. CubsBearsSoxSuck Says:

    Oh and…

    WWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Fro might wanna come back to Lasalle!! Pick up Chucky on the way, shits about to get real!

  4. dvxprime Says:

    The problems with the Bears, the NFL, and pro sports are the same problems with America today: everything is run by the incompetent, the inexperienced, and the corrupt.

    In the year 2015, we have football players who are supposed to be bigger/faster/stronger/smarter than 1982, when I first started watching the Bears. Yet, for all that sports science and technology, we keep seeing football players filling up the IR and injury lists. Half the NFL rosters are MASH units and the walking dead. LaMarr fucking Houston is STILL on the roster after he tore his ACL…celebrating a sack of a rookie QB…with the Bears down 20+ points.

    Also despite the players being built like Greek gods, they are more fundamentally unsound than ever before. Despite all the retread head and assistant coaches, no one can get them up to NFL standards in terms of doing their fucking jobs. Lovie Smith was head coach of the Bears for nine seasons, with three playoff appearances and three total playoff wins during his tenure. How many total All-Pro players did the Bears have during his time as head coach? How many draft busts and free-agent rip-offs did we have to sit through?

    Lastly, the modern NFL athlete seems to be more willfully ignorant than ever. Apparently, it’s too much to ask a grown man to PUT ON A FUCKING CONDOM BEFORE HAVING SEX, or to GET A TAXI OR A LIMO HOME AFTER A NIGHT OF DRINKING. And apparently some of them are idiots in regards to domestic violence and other sorts of felony/misdemeanor behavior.

    Did I mention the coaches? Again, how much talent did the Bears obtain for Lovie Smith through the draft and free agency, and how many of them were All-Pros? Oh, and if Tampa Bay ends up firing his ass within the next year, I say we put the Rooney Rule to bed…forever!

    Owners: for the love of God, they’re all either grossly incompetent, seriously indifferent to running a football team, complete assholes, or fucking corrupt criminals. Why in God’s green earth do we have a ninety-plus year old owning this team? What has Virginia McCaskey done for the glory of the Chicago Bears? And then there are her idiot sons and Teddy-Bear Phillips; why are they here, other than the whims of a woman who is more or less waiting for God?

    Then there are the fans, the media, and the social media/social justice warfare machine. Between the Redskins nickname, Ray Rice beating up his fiancé, Michael Sam, and the rest of the ongoing bullshit last year, I was ready to walk away from the NFL if the Bears had lost the Niners’ game. It’s getting hard to endure a shitty losing season without opening up the sports page or the internet to see everybody shitting their pants or protesting something. Oh, and fuck Deadspin and their loser, crybaby hipster “sports fans”; lately it’s one sports article for three other bullshit items that are more for pushing Gawker’s agenda than talking about sports.

    I have no TV, I’m damn near broke (so no Buffalo Wild Wings), so I’m just going to fire up the grill and (try to) barbecue some baby back ribs. Maybe I’ll try streaming the game, maybe not.

    Fuck all this bullshit. Go Bears.

    One last thing: I follow four Bears/Chicago sports blogs. This site, Fire Ron Turner (Carl and Dan), Start Kyle Orton, and Chi City Sports Fan. The last two are still up but have gone silent. I guess people have LIFE and other things to do than support a shitty sports culture that encourages mediocrity and doesn’t love the fans back. Thank you guys for still being here.

    RIP Doug Buffone.

  5. erniesarmy Says:

    I remember the Bears back in the George Halas days. He always had those players ready, especially that defense of Doug Bufone, Bill George, Dick Butkus, and Doug Atkins. Dikta had the Bears playing Bear football, and then they canned him. I’m a Packers fan, but I miss those great Bear – Packer games of the past. This franchise needs to regain it’s identity: DEFENSE.

    The Cubs crummy bullpen strikes again. They start out with two wins against the miserable Phillies, and then, because of a below average bullpen, lose the next two. They have work to do in this upcoming offseason!

  6. genrebuster Says:

    Thx DVX…great post.

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    Yes, DVX. I always give Dan and Carl a shout out on this site when I have the chance. Those are two guys who always are fired up when it comes to the Bears. I think I may be the only one here who has met both of them, but they are two really good guys and it’s awesome when we tailgate together. I’d have to check with them, but I think I am going to meet up with them next week for the game against the Cardinals.

    And if you missed this game, good.

  8. genrebuster Says:

    ….for a NY minute I thought he was talking about Wrecks Grossman, NOT Jamass Winston…..HA HA HA HA

    “Their quarterback played better than ours today. Their football team played better today. Their coach did a better job coaching their football team than I did today,” Smith said, adding “but it’s one game” and not a reflection on how good Winston will become as a pro.

    “We have the guy,” Smith said, “that’s perfect for our football team.”

  9. chucky Says:

    Genre….that dumb, arrogant bastard will never change his tune, will he. What a stupid putz.

    Duhhhhh, Rex is our quarterback. And I’m a dumb fuck arrogant bastard.

    GAWD-damn, I really don’t miss that idiot.


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