Game 2 (order has been restored)


Your thoughts welcomed, my frendts.

I only watched the last batter, due to work. But I will offer  this: NOT trading Schwarber is looking like a pretty smart decision.

2 Responses to “Game 2 (order has been restored)”

  1. Dave Says:

    It was fantastic. Over the course of two games, the Cubs have learned the entire Indians’ pitching staff. 3 of the starters and pretty much all of the bullpen. They carry the momentum into Wrigley tomorrow with Hendricks needing to throw his slow changeups and sinkers in forecast 45mph bandbox conditions. Could be a lopsided score with the Cubs on top by the end. Schwarber may be cleared by doctors to play left field, and while he is a defensive liability out there, that bat may connect on more than one Schwarbomb, possibly with runners on base. Perhaps the reward is greater than the risk in that situation. If Lackey is World Series winning Lackey on Saturday, then we can wrap up this amazing season up on Sunday with a likely redemption game from Lester.

    Lets get it!

  2. erniesarmy Says:

    That strike out by Montgomery to end the seventh after walking two batters was absolutely huuuuggggeeee!! I told my wife that play right there could be the difference in the series.

    Instead of the Cubs reverting to Cubville looniness by allowing the Indians to get back in the game, and rallying to win in the eighth or ninth, they shut them down.

    With Hendricks, Lackey, and Lester, for the next three games the Cubs, as I predicted, could end this in Wrigley.


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