A weekend in San Antonio



Sports have sucked this winter for us. The Bears have missed the playoffs for the sixth season in a row. The Bulls have continued their irrelevance and now, are a laughingstock. And the Blackhawks? They’ve lost three games in a row in such shitty fashion, you would think the stench of the Bulls rubbed off on them. I know, maybe I am spoiled. But, we haven’t seen them in this kind of stretch in a long time. They still have the second-best record in the Western Conference.

But, that’s not why I called.

Since my desire to write about what’s going on with these teams isn’t anywhere to be seen, I decided to post a bit about my trip to San Antonio over the weekend. I was there seeing the Royal Rumble (yes, fake wrestling).

Wrestling storylines haven’t been all that exciting over the last few years for many reasons (enough with the three-hour shows). But, I had never been to a Royal Rumble before and was looking forward to this. Friday, I am exhausted from a delayed flight, so I just eat and go to my hotel for the night. Saturday, I go see the Alamo and Riverwalk. The Alamo was pretty cool to see inside and out. There were walls of timelines leading up to the war and the significance of that spot. It was nice to have a brain break for that one hour from something other than sports.

That night, I went to NXT and saw an amazing show with great entrances and matches. For some of you WRASSLIN’ fans on here, you already know how intriguing that portion of WWE is.

Sunday is indeed, the big day. All of the matches were great up until the Rumble. Some of the entrants into the big match were underwhelming and the crowd’s anger level reached Chucky-Status. That wasn’t fun at the time.

But overall, a great weekend. I met a lot of cool people from the city and fans from around the country. It’s always fun going to another city for a wrestling show to meet other fans and see familiar faces.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled suckage of most of our sports’ teams.





One Response to “A weekend in San Antonio”

  1. erniesarmy Says:

    I had Air Force basic training in San Antonio during the “good ole” days of 1969-1970. Saw the Alamo during days off.


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