While the Patriots continue to win Super Bowls, the Bears are raising ticket prices again!



The worst season for the Chicago Bears since the NFL went to a 16-game season will result in higher ticket prices for the fans.

The Bears know they have a lot of the season ticket holders by the balls. Why? Because most of those seats are owned by the ticket holders themselves through PSL’s (personal seat licensing). The fans can sell their seats to other people, but if I am not mistaken, can’t give them back to the Bears. So, in short, the fans are stuck putting down payments on those seats months before the season even starts. If the Bears actually have a shot at the playoffs, seat owners must also pay in full before that begins.

George, Ted and the rest of the crew must be dancing in their beautiful offices in Lake Forest while the team continues to suck on the field.

Oh, and according to K.C. Johnson of the Tribune, the Bulls are standing pat with John Paxson and Gar Forman in charge regardless of how this season goes. You cannot make this shit up!

Fuck these fucking organizations.

8 Responses to “While the Patriots continue to win Super Bowls, the Bears are raising ticket prices again!”

  1. dvxprime Says:

    Speaking of the Bulls, this six-game road trip out West should have been the true measuring stick of what this team is made of. After ambushing the Thunder and pushing the Rockets in their own houses, i expected them to show up and push the Warriors.

    The Butler was out with a “heel contusion” (aka a bruise) and D-Wade was “out sick.” Keep in mind a certain Michael Jeffrey Jordan once scored 55 points in a playoff game whilst sick with the flu.

    What is this team made of? Pussies.

    Seriously? This team is supposed to be “fighting” for a playoff berth and they couldn’t get it up to play the NBA’s best team? Two of the “three alphas” couldn’t get motivated to play the best team in the NBA?


  2. Fro Dog Says:

    The Bulls fucking suck. It’s difficult to stop watching as well. The tire fire is just too large.

    Also, here is what Ted Phillips had to say to fans:


    “Thank you for your support in 2016. “It was a challenging and disappointing season. One we will not repeat.”

    “We are positioned for an exciting offseason with the third overall pick in the draft and one of best salary-cap situations in the NFL heading into free agency. “We will take advantage of these assets to bring in more talent.”

  3. genrebuster Says:

    Yeah, right, sure…Ted. Go count some fucking beans, you PATHETIC hack.

  4. dvxprime Says:

    “To be fair, it should be mentioned that Jimmy Butler (bruised right heel), Dwyane Wade (bruised right wrist) and Nikola Mirotic (back spasms) were out of the lineup against the Timberwolves, meaning that the Bulls had just 10 healthy players to work with.”

    What. The. Hell? Do the Chicago Bulls NOT do sports medicine anymore? You can’t seriously put some ice or medicine on those bruises to make the swelling go down so you can go play? Nikola can’t get some Icy Hot or whatever Shaq is pitching in his TV ads?

    Or maybe there’s something more to this. Maybe Holberg has just about lost the team, if they’re all going to act like they’ve all torn their ACLs/MCLs and they have to sit out the season. Maybe the “three alphas” are still pissed at each other/coaches/teammates and just decided to say hell with it” and not play.

    D-Wade is pretty much “over the hill.” Rondo has worn out his welcome. Butler can’t “lead.” No sane MBA general manager would want anything to do with dealing with the Bulls right now.

    If Holberg is still coaching the Bulls in a year from now, I’ll be shocked.

    At 80-plus years old, WTF is Reinsdorf thinking , right about now?

  5. dvxprime Says:

    To put the above in perspective: your average D-Leaguer on a 10 day contract, at the first sign of any injury, will put on the icepacks, the Active-On, the Icy Hot, whatever, just so he can keep his precious 10 day roster spot, in the hopes of getting signed for the rest of the season. But these multi-million motherfuckers can’t get their shit straight to play one game?

    Keep in mind, this is a team that’s supposed to be fighting for a playoff spot, not to mention that the six game western swing was supposed to be all about “Is this team really any damn good?”

  6. Fro Dog Says:

    Reinsdork is a lot like George McCaskey. They may make some moves, but not all of them that are needed. Look at George. He may fire Phil Emery or Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith. But, what about Ted? He’s one of the culprits of the disaster with the Chicago Bears.

    Jerry doesn’t fire anybody. Or if he does, it’s just a scapegoat. Nothing else. Loyalty is a huge problem in sports or even at a job. Instead of hiring the best people, they keep their friends employed. Nine times out of ten, that doesn’t work.

    Well, I should correct myself. If the goal is just money, then they are successful at their jobs. Ted Phillips just loves raising ticket prices and George doesn’t seem to care.

  7. Fro Dog Says:

    Wow. The Bulls won tonight!

    They also owe the referee who helped them win at the end an extra large pizza from Connie’s for calling a foul on Marcus Smart with less than a second to go. He didn’t even touch Butler’s elbow and a foul was called.

    The Bulls made all of their free throws too. And they needed every one of them.

  8. Keith Says:

    You exactly right, Ted Phillips has to know he is stealing money… Biggest con in the NFL..


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