Stepping up when it really counts (again).


I’m glad Maddon started Kyle Hendricks last night.

I believe that he’s the current “ace” of the Chicago Cubs starting pitchers. What a great performance last night. Like Greg Maddux, he can be overpowering, without a crushing fastball.

50 Responses to “Stepping up when it really counts (again).”

  1. erniesarmy Says:

    Lester’s starting today. Oh boy. Chucky where are you, son?

  2. erniesarmy Says:

    Lester pitched like an ace. Too bad the bullpen decided to revert to form. I knew that 3-1 lead wouldn’t last. They go home tied 1-1. The starters are going to have to pitch long into the game. That bullpen is the Cubs major weakness. Has been all year long.

  3. chucky Says:

    Way to shit the goddamned bed. Jesus fucking Christ! What the fuck was that? Goddamn Carl Edwards looks like a deer about to get hit by an 18 wheeler every fucking time he goes out, and quite frankly, the rest of that bullshit bullpen isn’t worth pissing on if they were on fucking fire. This isn’t going to end well.

  4. erniesarmy Says:

    If they lose game 3, they lose the series. That bullpen has got to be priority #1 if they have any realistic thoughts of going on a run next year.

    You cannot win playoff game with a shoddy bullpen. And the Cubs, other than Davis, have one of the worst in baseball.

  5. genrebuster Says:

    Yes…Carl Edwards helps win a WS last year, pitching very well under extreme pressure…and now this? Headcase?

  6. dvxprime Says:


    Even Pedro Strop managed to go an inning without fucking up. Dafuck, gents?

  7. genrebuster Says:

    Edwards has been unreliable at best…lights out one minute, out to lunch the next. Or maybe I’ve missed more of his “good” appearances.

  8. erniesarmy Says:

    “That was the only option,” Maddon said after the game. “That was the right option. C.J. was the right man for the job. Harper is good, C.J. is really good. C.J.’s numbers against left-handed hitters are amongst the best in all of baseball.” Joe Maddon

    Okay, guys, this is just flat-out dumb! Obviously, Edwards cannot handle Harper. Just because he did well against left-handers throughout the year means nothing, zilch, nada, when facing arguably the best left-handed hitter in all of baseball.

    If Maddon blows this series (especially against Dusty!) I say fire his butt as soon as possible. His bull-headedness will cost the Cubs way more than last years run was worth. I very much appreciate what he did last year. But, the Cubs cannot afford dumbbell managers. They’ve had too many in the past.

  9. genrebuster Says:

    C’mon ernie…you’d really fire Maddon?

    He’s not a “dumbbell manager”….can you imagine how difficult it was to win it all last year, given 108 years of futility, etc. He guided a very young there, and helped them to “believe”….

    …let’s see how it plays out, my FRENDT!

  10. erniesarmy Says:

    “C’mon ernie…you’d really fire Maddon?”

    If he’s too pigheaded to admit he made a bad decision? You bet! I don’t mind when a manager makes a mistake. They all do. But, I do mind when the manager not only refuses to admit the mistake, but doubles down on the idiocy by saying he’d do the same thing again!

    As I said in my comment. I very much appreciate Maddon leading the Cubs to victory last year. But, as I said after the Series, I believe the Cubs won in spite of Maddon, not because of.

  11. Pie in the Sky Says:

    I think they can win the series, but they’ll probably lose Game 3.

  12. chucky Says:


  13. erniesarmy Says:


    And that’s why Maddon’s a cementhead! He never thinks his moves are wrong, even when they are demonstrably wrong!

  14. dvxprime Says:


    Not to be a butt or anything, but Pedro F’N Strop has pitched 2.1 scoreless inning in this series.

    Maybe he’s found God?

  15. dvxprime Says:

    That being said, I’m glad the Cubs are where they are, but it would be nice to see a Cubs starter pitch into the seventh or eighth. Jus’ sayin’.

  16. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Big win. Our #3 beats their ace. Sets us up nicely for tomorrow.

  17. chucky Says:

    My comments stands. Strop is a goddamned piece of shit, and should NEVER be put in a tight game like this. Never!

  18. Dave Says:

    Reading comment threads on the Washington Nationals facebook page, they are blaming toothpick for the loss. Welcome to our world haha.

    Good chance tomorrow for Jake, who will be better rested than Scherzer was, to send Dusty to the unemployment line. And third straight NLCS for the Cubs!

    Also, Strop is pretty damn good, but Chucky is entitled to his opinion haha.

  19. erniesarmy Says:

    Strop is decent (“serviceable”?), but Chucky is right, he is not good in pressure situations.

  20. Dave Says:

    This is an amazing stat right here!

    Postseason starting pitching so far:
    CUBS (3 games): 0.49 ERA
    Nats (3 games): 1.99 ERA
    Indians (3 games): 3.60 ERA
    Astros (4 games): 3.96 ERA
    Yankees (4 games): 4.50 ERA
    Dodgers (2 games): 5.23 ERA
    Dbacks (3 games): 12.00 ERA
    *Red Sox (4 games): 12.97 ERA

  21. genrebuster Says:

    Cue Yeti….just kidding, Dave!

    I had no idea….if they can keep that up and start hitting again, they’ll win it all. Not predicting that at this time, but they have been one of the best teams in baseball since the all-star break.

  22. genrebuster Says:

    …did anybody see the video of Dusty’s reaction when Rizzo’s blooper dropped in for a hit, putting the Cubs ahead?


  23. erniesarmy Says:

    I agree with you Genre my frendt; IF they can keep the pitching at that level, they win it all! Pitching wins the World Series.

  24. chucky Says:

    Interesting idea from the illustrious Steve Rosenbloom. And, yes, I like it. A lot.

  25. erniesarmy Says:

    Hey, Chicago frendts! Is the game today going to be rained out?
    I hope not, but that’s what I’m hearing.

  26. chucky Says:

    Ernie….it’s official. It’s a washout. They’ll play tomorrow.

  27. erniesarmy Says:

    Thanks Chucky my frendt! I just wonder if that’s good news, bad news, or “whatever” news for Arrieta and the Cubs.

  28. chucky Says:

    I’m hoping for Rosenbloom’s idea to happen. I’d pitch Hendricks instead of Arrieta.

  29. Dave Says:


    Locked and loaded with fresh excuses for tomorrow’s inevitable defeat.

  30. chucky Says:

    Jesus fucking Christ. What will be his next fucking excuse? That alien pod people came to Earth and invaded the bodies of his “horses”?

    Go fuck yourself Dusty, and stop whining like a goddamn bitch.

  31. genrebuster Says:

    FUCK! The toothpick chomping idiot strikes again. So glad he’s gone, regardless of how this series ends.

  32. erniesarmy Says:

    It was the walks clogging the bases that spelled doom for the Dustbucket!

  33. Dave Says:

    That is why he didn’t walk Rizzo.

    He’s finished today, or the Nats front office lacks any semblance of what could be considered intelligence.

  34. genrebuster Says:

    I’m ok with Arrieta getting the start today (even though so far he’s not fooling anybody)…he has a lot to prove.

    But what do you guys think? I know Hendricks is the current “ace”, etc.

    I hope the Cubs can get to Strasburg soon…

  35. erniesarmy Says:

    So long Game 4, it was nice knowing ya! Hello Game 5 and Max Sherzer!

    Cubs are in serious danger of losing to the toothpick. Shameful!

  36. Dave Says:

    Well…shit. Maybe Dusty has finally gotten good. One might even call that Strasburg thing a dirty trick.

    Or maybe he will be same old Dusty and find a way to screw it up… Hendricks vs ???? tomorrow. I think mad Max wil be in the pen, but not starting.

  37. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Probably Gio. No way Max starts unless they’re willing to start him for just the first few innings and then go Gio.

  38. erniesarmy Says:

    Who’s willing to bet money the Cubs win today? Anybody, anybody, Buehller, anybody….

    I won’t bet 2 cents on their chances today.

  39. chucky Says:

    Seems to be time for this.


  40. erniesarmy Says:

    Hendricks throwing batting practice now. 4-1 Nats with more to come.

    Dusty is a better manager than Maddon. Who’d a thunk it.

    Seriously, this is pathetic losing to that toothpick chomping moron.

    Chucky has it right again. Chokers are back!!!

  41. erniesarmy Says:

    Well, Chucky, we might have been a little premature with our Cub funeral. 7-4 Cubs in the 6th. Still plenty of time for Cubs bullpen to blow it. Rizzo and Bryant are useless, however. And these are Cub “stars”? Wow.

  42. erniesarmy Says:

    I’m not the only one who thinks Maddon overthinks and makes changes when no changes are needed:

    “Is Madden on Crack !!! Even thinking of putting Montgomery in after what they did to him the other night … is insane !!!”

  43. genrebuster Says:

    …is there any pitching left?

  44. chucky Says:

    Goddamn, my nerves are fucking shot. Can’t the Cubs win a deciding game in a laugher?

  45. genrebuster Says:


  46. chucky Says:


    I’m out of here men. I’m going to go drink some shoe polish to try to slow my heart down a little.


  47. genrebuster Says:

    This team has some motherfucking heart! Wade Davis is the man…I’m toasting him and the Cubs with a top shelf bourbon.

  48. Dave Says:

    Fuck off, Dustdick!!
    Fly the motherfucking W!!
    The Dusty curse is alive and well!!

    But now who the hell pitches game 1?

    Celebrate briefly and get copius sleep, Cubs!

  49. erniesarmy Says:

    “I don’t believe what I just saw!” Jack Buck from the grave.

    I see no possible way this team beats the Dodgers…now watch them go out and beat the Dodgers.

  50. genrebuster Says:

    HA HA HA…..what a game!


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