Jake Arrieta?



I’m ok with this, if it happens. Not a bad move, IMOP. Thoughts?

8 Responses to “Jake Arrieta?”

  1. Pie in the Sky Says:

    Meh. Jumped the shark years ago. I miss him though. Cubs prob gonna suck next year anyhow. .500ish at best.

  2. dvxprime Says:

    Gotta roll dat dice…

  3. Erniesarmy Says:

    A move solely for the fans. He brings nothing to the Cubs.

  4. Jimmy D Says:

    I just had to chime in…because nobody else has taken the lead on this one!
    OMG…the Cub’s brass have put us in position to win another championship in 2021; all with one simple signing. Pedro “Fucking” Strop has been extended a minor league deal. How on Earth did he “sneak” past all the other teams in the league that are in need of solid/dependable pitching…and we ended up snatching that “gem” of all gems?
    Mark my words…this is a “game changer” and I expect that he will both work out of the pen AND be a starter. Hell, he’s so good that he might even start some games…and then, come on in a relief role…all in the same game. A better way of saying that is that we can expect that Pedro will “relieve himself”. Unfortunately, that’s all that we can count on…that he’ll relieve himself (translation: he’ll “piss himself” time and time again).
    Who the fuck could possibly think that this could, in any way, end well??? First things first; maybe somebody can take a bat to his head and force him to straighten out that ballcap!

    Jimmy D.

  5. Erniesarmy Says:

    Pedro Strop? Are you kiddin me? Bring back Kevin Gregg and Heathcliff Slocum so we can really start a bullpen fire! Cubs are reverting back to the days of Wrigley and the Tribune Co. Next will be coaches running the club over a manager.

  6. genrebuster Says:

    Ernie, that’s Kevin FUCKING Gregg…am I right, chucky?

    Jimmy D…please tell me that you’re joking about Pedro FUCKING Strop.

    What’s next? The return of the Toothpick Chomping Idiot?

    tick tock…

  7. chucky Says:

    Yes genre, you are right. I decided not to comment on this fucking mental fur ball, mainly because you guys know what I think of him, and I thought you’d get tired of me repeating myself. But it does illustrate one thing about the Cubs: they never, ever learn their lesson. Kevin FUCKING Gregg had not one, but two stints with them. I saw from his very first appearance that this guy sucked donkey lizard balls when he blew a nice game from Kerry Wood. Did they see that? Fuck no! Then they get Pedro FUCKING Strop. Not only did they hang onto him for waaaaaaaaaaay too long, they fucking bring him back for another shot to lose games for them. He’s even worse than Gregg, for fucks sake! This is the only guy I know of that could take a ten run lead with two out in the ninth and make it into an adventure. Seriously, fuck this guy, and fuck the Cubs if they put this jack off on the main roster.

  8. genrebuster Says:

    You are correct chucky. Pedro FUCKING Strop does have a nice smile, though (head explodes).


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