A salute to the greatest: Marv Albert


It’s almost 2:00 A.M. and I am finally getting around to this. I’ll try to keep it short.

This past Saturday, the greatest play-by-play voice in my lifetime, Marv Albert, called it quits. He went all the way to 80 before retiring.

This guy was my childhood. As young as I was, I remember every Bulls championship. I remember going absolutely nuts after every one of them. But Marv was at the center of the first five championships as the voice I heard on TV calling them. Bob Costas called the last one and while he’s definitely up there for the best, he isn’t Marv.

I made sure to watch most of the game Saturday night, especially the last quarter. Seeing his farewell after the game was bittersweet.

But I can’t be upset. I have to be blessed. For the last three decades, I’ve heard him call basketball games. I felt spoiled.

If there was one thing that would piss me off about Marv, it’s that he didn’t pull out all those years ago and thus, created The Kiss of Death to Chicago Sports, Kenny. I know that “curse” was broken last year in the form of two come-from-behind victories by the Bears in the first three weeks. But come on. WHY???

But let’s get back to why I called.

“They don’t make them like they use to.” And certainly, there will not be another Marv Albert. No one will even get that close. These new play-by-play guys are not even close to what would be deemed “great.”

Enjoy retirement, Marv. In fact, “YES!” I know you will.

One Response to “A salute to the greatest: Marv Albert”

  1. Joe Says:

    A salute to the greatest? LMFAO! Looks like Marv got this hair piece back from that prostitute in the hotel. Remember? The one who said that Marv bites and does kinda stuff with the hair piece? Oh yeah, he’s a legend alright. A scumbag loser legend.


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