Nathan PeterWhacker is starting this Sunday.


Good! Why play Fields? I mean, the guy sucks anyway. Whether it’s him, the offensive line or the shitty coaches (or maybe all three) is another discussion. There isn’t a need to risk him getting killed in a very meaningless game.

Nathan PeterWhacker is statistically the worst quarterback in NFL history. And we all know how shitty that is. We’ve lived through the eras like Jonathan Quinn and Todd Collins. And PeterWhacker has worst numbers than those two fuckwads.

Fuck. Now I’m getting flashbacks.

The Bears need to lose along with the Texans winning on Sunday. That could happen. If so, should the Bears at least consider taking a new quarterback with that first pick? Some may think I’m insane. But I listened to some sports radio and others are suggesting the same thing.

Fields could end up sucking ass. Or getting hurt. The Bears should definitely look into an insurance policy at the position.

Your thoughts in the thread.

4 Responses to “Nathan PeterWhacker is starting this Sunday.”

  1. skip Says:

    Fro Dog : I agree , the Bears had better draft another QB for insurance in case Fields is as bad as he’s shown throwing the ball and that’s what QBs are supposed to be good at ! I just hope Poles isn’t as dumb as the previous 4 GMs !

  2. John Says:

    I don’t know. I’m kind of in the trade-down camp. If they, say, swap with the Raiders or Colts for a bevy of picks and take their first rounder down at near pick 9-12, they’d be looking at Peter Skoronski or Quentin Johnston instead, both of whom are desperately needed. But they would lose out on Jalen Carter and Will Anderson, who could be backbone defensive pieces and who would both be essential considering that we don’t have any pass rush to speak of whatsoever. As for a QB, no way. It’s amazing Fields was as good as he was considering the roster he has. Bryce Young would have done no better.

  3. Fro Dog Says:

    I just feel in reality, the Bears will draft all busts like last year. Literally none of them are of any decent value. Brisker and Gordon are complete trash. Others they drafted are not even on the team. It’s horse manure.

  4. Joe Lewis Says:

    Fro Dog, would you work as a talent/scout evaluator if the Bears hired you? Email me @


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