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The Bulls haven’t had more than two days off in a row since December 23rd and yet, ThomASS still, doesn’t realize it.

January 12, 2015

I’ve been meaning to get to this for a while, but it’s been fairly busy here. The Bulls won’t get two days off in until next week. It would be nearly a full month of games in which they either play every other day, or back-to-back. And we’re seeing the effects.

Poor shooting, dead legs and sloppy play is plaguing the Bulls. Last week, they lose to the Jazz. That game, they couldn’t throw the damn ball into the ocean. Then, they go to Washington and lose again. But what pissed me the most is the fact that Jimmy Butler is still playing 40-something minutes each damn game. And with the loss against the Jazz, the game was over at halftime. Yet, with five minutes to go in the game and the Bulls down 25, ThomASS still has the starters playing. Are you fucking kidding me?

With a month straight without two full days off, any smart coach would do whatever they can to make sure that players are rested and ready. No player on that team should play more than 38 minutes each game. And some should even take nights off. Ultimately, the playoffs are what matter.

Oh, Joakim Noah is hurt again. He’s still playing but his knees are starting to wear down. That’s what happens when you have surgery because your dumbass head coach ran you into the ground.

Same shit. Different year. And for the record, I’ve been right, for the most part, all of these years. I said the Bulls would be ousted in the first or second round. The same will happen this season, regardless of how healthy Rose is.

Ryan Pace – The new general manager of the Bears

January 8, 2015


He was the director of player personnel for the Saints. He’s from outside the organization, unlike Emery, who was a former scout. If this was Ernie Accorsi’s choice, I am all for it. I’d like to think it was.

Your thoughts in the thread.

Another day has passed and Ted Phillips is still, president of the Chicago Bears.

January 7, 2015


We can only pray that this moron has no say in hiring the next general manager. Apparently, 30 years in the organization (which has resulted in nearly 30 years of ineptitude), isn’t enough. Reports had him being moved to just the business side of things and yet, there he was last week, alongside George in the press conference.

I believe that George McCaskey is pissed. I really do. But if he really wants things to change and for the better, then Teddy Bear shouldn’t have been alongside him. It should have been George only or him and Virginia. They run this team. Nobody else.

A decision is predicted to be made by next week on who the next general manager will be.

RIP Stuart Scott (by Jimmy D.)

January 5, 2015

Thank You, jimmy d.; you nailed it.espy 110707 I hope you don’t mind me using your post as the latest topic here….

I know that many of you here (at the worst page on the internet) are not fans of ESPN. Back in the day, I was a huge fan of Sports Center and loved to catch my highlights either late at night, or early in the morning. No need to do that anymore…with the volumes of information available on the internet.

But, back then it was different. We first had Sports Center and then came ESPN News (the 30 minute format that ran on ad nauseam). Back to Sports Center for a minute. There were great anchors of that show Bob Ley, Dan Patrick, Kenny Mayne, Keith Olbermann, etc. But one of them was in a class all his own. Of course, the man that I’m speaking of is none other than Stuart Scott. His passion, vibe and delivery were undeniable! The man was spectacular in his role. He “brought it” every single time and he didn’t conform to the machine.

Today is a sad day, as we witness the passing of an impressive sports anchor. Stuart Scott is dead at the age of 49. RIP Stu! You were “cooler than the other side of the pillow”!   Later,  Jimmy D.

Trestman going to Tampa Bay?

January 3, 2015

It looks like Trestman and McCown were enjoying the sun together. How appropriate would it be to have both Lovie and Trestman on the same team?

When so much shit gets flushed, it eventually meets up with past waste.

Happy New Year

January 1, 2015

Possible Photoshop material for Morpheus?

Here’s to praying everyone was safe. I decided to rock the bow tie in this picture with a couple of friends from high school. What’s hard to see in the picture was the feather in the cap.

And here’s to praying the Bears get their heads out of their asses and hire people who actually know how to run a football team.