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November 7, 2018

Three Stanley Cup Championships. Second all-time with wins as head coach. What a run. It’s very sad that it ended like this.

Ten years ago, I didn’t even imagine one championship by this franchise. As a fan, I was given three of them. Sure, there could have been one or two more. But that’s still amazing.

The Blackhawks fired the wrong person.


Still not impressed: Bears 41 Bills 9

November 4, 2018

I know. Some of you may roast me for this. But this game dragged on. Once again, Matt Nagy made this game harder than it should have been. “But, they won by 32!” Nathan Peterman may not be an NFL quarterback, but it appeared he may have had a chance to make this game competitive. Thankfully, some blown calls went in the favor of the Bears.

Penalties – Way too many in this game. It extended drives and ultimately, allowed the Bills to score a touchdown late. The Bears were the only team to not yet allow a rushing touchdown. Until today. Unless I am missing something, discipline isn’t part of playing for this team. Players who commit constant penalties need to have a seat. And yet, Nagy has the same players out there the next play or whatever. Inexcusable.

Charles Leno Jr. – Three false start penalties. This is part of the problem. Sure, it didn’t factor in the result. But it made scoring points harder.

Defense – If the defense just scored points today, the Bears still would have won. Everyone contributed (even to the penalties). Five turnovers total, I believe. Eddie Jackson made up for his idiotic penalty last week with a scoop and score in the second. Kyle Fuller had another interception. Even Leonard Floyd got in on the action with a pick-six.

Mitchell Trubisky – There was an interception thrown that was unnecessary. I could easily throw that on Nagy since all they had to do was run the ball. But here I was during the whole game waiting for something to change the course of the game. It’s the Bears, after all. They’ve blown big leads before. I was waiting for it.

The Bears remain in first place for yet, another week. Checking the standings, it appears that not even ten wins will guarantee a playoff spot. This is very important for the Bears and it seems that their only path to the playoffs is to win the division. The next three games are against the Lions (twice) and Vikings. If the Bears don’t win at least two of these games, I’m not liking the chances of getting 11 wins. Those Lions are up first at home.


Stupidity nearly costs the game: Bears 24 Jets 10

October 28, 2018

I should be stoked today. Really. The Bears won the game and they actually didn’t blow a two-possession game (like they’ve done three times this year). But damn, it seemed like they were going to again. Why? Continue reading?

Eddie Jackson: The defense was brilliant nearly the entire game. A drive that would have been fourth and long for the Jets after an incompletion, Eddie Jackson decided to hit a receiver hard well after the play was over? The Jets had no chance whatsoever and this dumbass committed a late hit. 15-yard penalty and all of a sudden, the Jets go marching down and in the end zone for a touchdown.

Tarik Cohen: Good? 70-yard touchdown. Bad? Nearly giving the Jets a first and goal in the fourth when trying to pick up a rolling ball after a punt. Then, almost not even going after to fall down on the ball. This guy needs to stop being a fucking idiot.

Matt Nagy: This fucking guy makes things harder than they should be. The offense was certainly playing better in the second half, but damn. Some of these short yardage plays where all they need is a simple run up the middle, he’s calling running plays going outside or passing? Enough of this shit. Jordan Howard was kicking ass in the second half and he should have had the ball more. Nagy is the top reason why the Bears have blown three games already this year. And as far as the dumbass plays by Jackson and Cohen, he should have told both of them to take a seat. That would be a good move. Those players shouldn’t have played anymore in the game due to those two stupid decisions that nearly cost this team a game. That’s the only way those guys are going to learn.

Kyle Long: Hurt. Again. This. Fucking. Sucks. It appears to be a serious knee injury.

Next up: The Bills in Buffalo.

Annoyed: Patriots 38 Bears 31

October 21, 2018

Another double-digit lead blown by the Bears. I know it was early, but special teams and idiotic play-calling lead to this demise. A team that should have easily been 5-0 to begin this day is now 3-3. This is PATHETIC.

Mitchell Trubisky – When the deep ball isn’t working, you should tell him to stop doing that. Interceptions, near-interceptions and just poor passing isn’t going to get it done.

Special teams – A kickoff return for a touchdown is inexcusable. So is a blocked punt. This was the difference. They were up ten with the ball being kicked off when Cordarrelle Patterson took it back for a touchdown.

Defense – I get it. Tom Brady is Tom Brady. However, not knowing how to tackle for the second game in a row is a big problem. If “defensive genuius” Vic Fangio can’t show these gutless assholes how to tackle, then find different players.

The Bears are no longer in first place. Now, irrelevancy is staring them in the face because the Vikings and Packers aren’t going to be losing many games the rest of the way. Matt Nagy is not the answer for the Bears.

The Jets are up next week. Let’s see how bad this one is going be.

We all know the Bears will lose this Sunday. But the question is, how will they lose?

October 18, 2018

Bears vs. Patriots. It’s on the way. After what Brady did to the then-undefeated Chiefs, we all know it’s not going to end well for the Bears. But how will they find a way to lose this time?

Will it be an ass-kicking of 50-7? Will it be a tough, fought-out game where it’s simply because the Patriots were the better team? Or, my favorite, when the Bears have as many chances to win it as possible and still fuck it up? Missed field goal? Up 20-0 and blow it like they did in Green Bay? It’s Matt Nagy at his finest: Blowing big leads.

A team that should be 5-0 right now are 3-2 and basically tied for first place with the Vikings and Packers. A team that has blown two games already is a sign of a bad football team.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Frustrated: Dolphins 31 Bears 28

October 14, 2018

Everyone is at blame here. From Nagy, to Trubisky, to the refs, the defense and even the kicker (bad position to be put in), they all contributed to this disaster.

It’s not that the Bears lose. It’s how they lose. They beat themselves today. That is a sign of a bad football team.

Your thoughts in the thread. If I write any more in this recap, I’ll probably want to punch a baby.

The Bears are heading to Miami still in first place.

October 8, 2018

I don’t think any of us expected the Bears to be in this position. The NFC North is there for the taking. The Vikings were able to hold on against the Eagles on Sunday. And Mason Crosby of the Packers did his best impression of Connor Barth in a loss against the Lions. Crazy.

As implied, the door for this division is wide open for the Bears. Are they smart enough to keep doing what they’ve done the last three games? Or are they dumb enough to revert back to the season opener by blowing leads and poor play-calling by the coaches?

Only time will tell.

Mitch, please!: Bears 48 Buccaneers 10

September 30, 2018

Incredible. Just incredible. For the first time in many years, I wasn’t living off the edge of my seat watching the Bears and wondering when they were going to blow it.

So many things happened. And everyone contributed. The defense was so outstanding, that the Fitzmagic was stopped for this one day. He was human again. The defense forced four turnovers. And, of course, Khalil Mack was wreacking havoc all game.

On offense, wow. Mitchell Trubisky threw six touchdown passes. He had five in the first half. To show you how bad the Bears have been in our lives, that is a franchise record. He tied the franchise record for most touchdowns in the first half. The last time that happened? 1949 where Johnny Lujack did it. Unbelievable.

Just a couple of down points in this game: Akiem Hicks was ejected for contact with a referee. The game was pretty much decided by then. The Bears had just intercepted Fitzmagic. There was no need for that. He’s going to get fined a hefty sum and probably suspended. The defense needs him. Next, Jameis Winston took over in the second half for the Buccaneers. To this day, this guy should have been in prison for what he did at Florida State. Fuck this guy. His face is very punchable.

Alright, the first-place Bears have a bye-week now. The Dolphins are up after in Miami.

It’s never easy: Bears 16 Cardinals 14

September 23, 2018

This game had all of the ingredients for a loss. The Bears were on the road, the offense still wasn’t all that great and when they are picked as favorites to win, they generally don’t. Oh, and Dick Stockton was calling the game. Yes, the original Kiss Of Death To Chicago Sports was there calling the action. He called Cody Parkey “Cody Parker” and certainly, this was going to be a very disappointing day. But, they pulled it out and now, are in first place.

First quarter – That was bad. The defense looked like it was turning the clock back a few years and the offense couldn’t get any points. Parkey missed a field goal and Trubisky fumbled the ball for a turnover. Sam Bradford had two touchdown passes and by then, it was 14-0.

The defense They were outstanding in the second half. Sherrick McManis, Eddie Jackson and Bryce Callahan all had interceptions. Just amazing. I know, they pissed down their own legs in the first quarter, but good to see them bounce back despite it getting interesting at the end of the game.

Khalil Mack – I will say he is a guarantee to be in every recap I post no matter how shitty the rest of the team plays. This guy is just amazing. With the Cardinals driving to add onto the 14-13 lead, he caused the fumble on Bradford with him scrambling. The Bears drive  Sacks, forced fumbles and interceptions. Shit, put the guy at quarterback, too.

Mitchell Trubisky – I am not going to roast this guy like others would (and should). He’s put in this position by the franchise. He had an interception today, but that was tipped. He made a couple of nice passes and was able to spread the ball to many different players.

Referees – Okay, this is getting fucking ridiculous. Too many horrible calls. When Rosen was sacked to end the game, I was holding my breath thinking a flag was going to be thrown for roughing the passer. This is what the game has become now in the NFL. It’s sitting around waiting for flags to be thrown rather than just being entertained. Clay Matthews was called for basically playing football all season and he’s been called for roughing the passer when it was clear he wasn’t being malicious. Roger Goodell is a fucking idiot and he’s making the game even more dangerous. Something needs to be done. Fuck this.

Okay, now, Fitzmagic and the current, first-place Buccaneers come to Chicago next week. Hold onto your balls. The bumpy ride continues.

Nearly giving it away: Bears 24 Seahawks 17

September 17, 2018

This game had mixed emotions. First, I am glad they won. Anything to see Pete Carroll lose is worth it. I was there in 2012 when Urlacher pulled his hamstring and little did I know at the time that it would be his final game. Seeing Carroll jump up and down the sidelines like the scumbag that he is made me really want to punch him right in the throat. Fuck him. On the bright side, Brian Urlacher was honored at halftime. Go figure that the last time he was in that building, it was his last game against the same team.

The Bears pulled this game out despite nearly pissing it away late. I don’t want to hear about “garbage time”. The defense was turning into the “I-Pass” in the second half with the Seahawks getting two touchdowns. If they recover that onside kick, I am certain I would be writing a recap on the Bears losing in overtime with shades of that December 2012 game in my head even more.

Matt Nagy – Fuck this guy. Some of this play-calling was horrible. This team should easily be 2-0. Instead, they were damn near 0-2 because of the bad calls. They are still trying to pass the ball in short-yardage situations with one of the best running backs in the league. To add insult, the defense became gassed (again) because of the countless three-and-outs.

Prince Amukamara – He gets called for an illegal contact on the first touchdown drive by the Seahawks. Then, he makes up for it by getting a Pick Six. Keep it going.

Kyle Fuller – This fucking guy. He plays nearly flawless all last year and of course he would. It was a contract year. Then, it’s back to the same shit. The first touchdown by the Seahawks could have all been prevented. How many times have I mentioned how defensive backs can never learn to TURN THE FUCK AROUND? Fuck. Just turn around and that ball is there for the taking. Instead, he looks the opposite way like he’s admiring the stars in thes sky. TURN. THE. FUCK. AROUND.

Mitchell Trubisky – Two interceptions. Damn near a third one. In the first half. I am sorry, but I am getting flashbacks of Cutler. Overthrowing wide open receivers and throwing passes he has no business throwing are both Cutler-esque. Poor guy. It’s not his fault Ryan Pace gave away two extra draft picks just to move up one spot to get him. I mean, it’s not like Patrick Mahomes is throwing for six touchdown passes a game or anything. Seriously.

Khalil Mack – Hey, he’s earning his money. Wilson was getting sacked all first half. Five tackles, a sack lunch and another forced fumble as well. He’s been outstanding so far. They showed him running out of breath right before the Amukamara Pick Six. Talk about busting ass. He’s doing it.

I’m fucking exhausted and off to bed. Next week, the Bears take on the 0-2 Cardinals on the road. Fire Matt Nagy.