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Bears vs. Eagles Thread (For anyone who cares)

December 18, 2022

Well, this team is awful. And with that comes a decrease in traffic here at the worst site on the internet.

Bad Bears Football equals less interaction here as we all know. I can’t blame anyone.

I don’t know how much I’ll watch. Four games left of this nightmare. Any of you can chime in with thoughts.

Bye-Week Thoughts

December 11, 2022

Four more games to go before this nightmare season ends. Nothing matters anymore with this team even if they win the remaining contests. But if they continue to lose, they lock in the second overall pick.

And let’s be real here. The Bears never do anything of value with these picks to begin with. Pick first or pick last, it’s all the same. Another bust is on his way.

The Titans, who are in first place, fired their general manager. Why can’t the last-place Bears do the same?

December 6, 2022

Is it because upper-management there doesn’t tolerate bullshit? A team in first place and primed to win their division fired general manager Jon Robinson for what they felt is because he did a shitty job drafting sub-par players. Making the playoffs isn’t enough. Drafting players who don’t suck is a priority for the Titans. I am not saying they are now going to win the Super Bowl. But let it be known that even that team doesn’t accept bullshit. The records don’t tell everything.

Over at Halas Hall, six-game losing streaks have been the norm for the last 30 years. Mediocrity is not only accepted, but praised with contract extensions.

The Bears should follow suit and tell Ryan Poles to take a hike.

The Floor Is Yours | Peckers 28 Sad Excuse For An NFL Franchise 19

December 4, 2022

It wouldn’t have mattered if the Bears won or lost. However, it was the way they lost that is of serious concern. The culture of losing has continued. Enough with this “Justin Fields shows flashes.” No. He fucking sucks. This whole team is trash.

Add your own recap/thoughts in the thread.

Ryan Poles should be arrested for attempted first-degree murder.

December 2, 2022

The Bears are really going to do this. Instead of just sitting Justin Fields for the remainder of the year, they are going to throw him out there two weeks after his left shoulder was basically ripped apart. Seriously, there are torn ligaments. Why the fuck is he out there with the team all but mathematically eliminated from playoff contention?

He’s a human being. I am not saying he is the second coming of Steve Young. But let the guy just rest.

Caption this photo of the current inept general manager for the Chicago Bears.

November 28, 2022

I’ll start: “Congratulations. We just drafted you. You have no business being in the NFL. But here’s a four-year max deal.”

His only draft class has been a bust. And there is zero reason to be optimistic for next season. Just five more games on yet, another nightmare season. Fuck this franchise (I know I’ve said this countless times before).

Bears vs. Jets Thread

November 26, 2022

Same as last week. I may not watch all of it because I’d like to do something more productive with my day off than watch this batch of losers for three hours. But I could chime in at some point.

Feel free to give your own recap in the comments.

What do you know? He got hurt.

November 21, 2022

Fuck all of Chicago sports. Fuck Illinois football and basketball. All of these teams are rotten garbage.

Bears vs. Falcons Thread

November 19, 2022

No recap for this game. I may chime in through the comment section. But I just don’t have the energy to fully invest myself in the Bears this season. Instead, the floor is yours. Share your thoughts before, during or after the game.

If the Bears feel Justin Fields is the quarterback of the future, then they should shut him down for the remainder of the season.

November 17, 2022

Hey, before you call me an idiot, just know that this team is 3-7 and is going nowhere fast. Why bother playing someone who is supposedly the future with nothing to gain? He is coached by fucking idiots and the risk of injury is extremely high. Seven games to go and all are meaningless. Just play Trevor Semen and let Fields rest his body. It’s pointless to play him.

Of course, the Bears won’t do that. So chances are, Fields gets an injury that could significantly impact the future. The Bears could very well be picking another quarterback in the two drafts.