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I’ve seen this movie before | Bears 19 Chefs 14

August 13, 2022

Hey. Our beloved Bears are back. And that means recaps from the worst site on the internet. Yes, even preseason games will be covered. Why? Because I don’t know when to tell myself that this team sucks ass and will never be successful with George and Ted in charge.

But hey, the Bears pulled one out. And I’m still pissed. Why? Let’s take a look at the all the things they did to remind us that they still suck.

First drive of the game – Three and out. Oof. This looks all too familiar. What happens next? The Chiefs go all the way down for a touchdown. THIS HAPPENS ALL. THE. FUCKING. TIME. Why change now? Speaking of things that happen all the time, the Chiefs drove down at will to get a touchdown right before halftime. Seriously, someone tell me a time the Bears DIDN’T give up points in the final two minutes before halftime. Justin Fields did alright. Darnell Mooney made a nice catch as well as Tajae Sharpe.

Second half – This is where I went to get lunch. I missed the first touchdown on a Trevor Semen pass. Fuck this guy. Why did Ryan Poles think it was a good idea to bring in one of the worst quarterbacks of the last decade? Oh, and speaking of shitty quarterbacks, they also signed an even worse quarterback in Nathan Peterman. THE TWO WORST QUARTERBACKS OF THE LAST TEN YEARS WERE SIGNED THIS OFFSEASON. But what do we have here? A second-half comeback! 19 straight points and the shitty defense found a way to seal the deal.

In short, this team is really going to suck. Justin Fields is a question mark. The offensive line is in shambles. The running game wasn’t really a priority today. And the defense is just atrocious.

To show you how out of it I have been this offseason, I had no idea the Bears let punter Pat O’Donnell go. He signed with the Packers in March? Fuck. His leg must have been so exhausted all these years. He’s now on a team where he barely has to punt. I guess I can’t blame him there.

Thursday night is a matchup on National Television against the Seahawks. Yippy!

Open thread

August 7, 2022

The Bears start the preseason slate this Saturday against the Chiefs.

This topic or other thoughts, put them right here.

Is another shitty Bear pissed off?

August 2, 2022

You can blame Ryan Pace for this one. But Ryan Poles is now responsible and must do something.

How can a player who was drafted with injury issues be pissed off?


This just in: Rookie who will probably suck is holding out for more money.

July 24, 2022

Jaquan Brisker | Safety | Penn State

Since he’s a safety, I don’t have any optimism. The Bears have a history of drafting defensive backs who don’t know how to cover receivers.

And yet, he’s the only rookie who is in a contract dispute.

Fuck this guy. He’s probably going to suck. Why does he think he’s better than all the others that signed and will probably also suck?

The Ryan Poles Disaster-a is off to a wonderful start.

Keep kicking us while we’re down, Blackhawks.

July 24, 2022

I know many don’t care about hockey. But damn, this is so bad. I’ve experienced the early 2000’s where the Blackhawks were so awful. Just shitty. And now, they are back in that kind of “bad.”

Last year, they announced they were getting rid of Pat Foley, who was one of the few reasons to watch the team during those days (and the recent years).

So, a few weeks after the new general manager of the team, Kyle Davidson, decided to trade the only player worth a damn in Alex DeBrincat for less value in return, the franchise decided to low-ball Eddie Olczyk. They go from fucking up the team on the ice to even forcing out the announcers.

A once-proud franchise has taken a shit in the last year. From finding out they were hiding sexual assault to now choosing to be bad and getting rid of any reason to watch the team, it’s all there. This is going to be very bad for the next several years at the very least.

To make matters even worse, a small minority are still trying to get the Blackhawks to change their name and logo. WHY?

We’ve been through this before. How the fuck is this offensive? Getting rid of names of teams such as the “Warriors”, “Indians” and “Braves.” And this isn’t a political issue. It’s a common sense issue. Leave the names and logos alone.


Can the Bears get more wins than arrests this year?

July 17, 2022

As it stands now, the Bears have had three useless players on their roster get cuffed and stuffed and training camp hasn’t even started yet. This is going to be a long season with an idiotic general manager and dipshit head coach.

You realize that the last sentence I typed could be used in any season since this site was started?

This is how bad it has become. It’s not going to get better at all.

Let’s hear it. More wins or arrests? Three is the magic number (currently).

Open thread

June 28, 2022

I’m exhausted.

With a month to go until training camp starts, I just wanted to remind everyone that these two men are losers before they even start losing.

June 23, 2022

Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus (how does EberLose sound?) are already losing games for the Bears despite the season not starting yet. We have a general manager who signs the statistically worst quarterbacks in history to the head coach is sounding like he has “FIRE AND PASSION” in the worst of ways.

I’m already done with these idiots. Every year, the Bears are basically eliminated by Columbus Day. These two are not even qualified to run a high school team.

Fuck it. Fuck it all.

Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus should be fired NOW!

June 8, 2022

How is this not grounds for termination? If the rule is no contact practices, then it should be exactly that. What the fuck are Poles and EberLOSE thinking? Yeah, these players fucking suck. But why are they jeopardizing whatever potential they have? This franchise has had a long history of injuries to players before they even play a down.

Fuck this franchise.

Open thread

June 4, 2022

Training camp is roughly 50 days away and Ryan Poles still hasn’t been fired yet for his idiotic decisions of signing of shitty quarterbacks and using a draft pick on a punter (despite the fact a punter is already on the roster). Fuck this guy.