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I’m so glad Matt Nagy told Ryan Pace to trade Jordan Howard. That bum only scored three touchdowns Thursday Night!

September 26, 2019

Stat time (cue Yeti): 15 carries – 87 yards – two rushing touchdowns; three catches for 28 yards and a receiving touchdown

I thought he was on his way to a fourth late in the game as well.

The more success Jordan Howard has with the Eagles, the more Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy show that they are the biggest frauds in football.

Fuck both of these guys.

A whole bunch of PATHETIC: Bears 31 Redskins 15

September 23, 2019

How does this defense get five turnovers and yet, still nearly blow it? How does the offense basically get spotted a 28-0 lead and blow it? How does Matt Nagy on first and goal call for a pass play that appropriately gets intercepted at the goal line?

We’ve seen this before. Shades of last year against the Dolphins? Why pass when the ball can be easily ran?

It’s because Matt Nagy is a sad excuse for a professional football coach. We’ve seen this before. Shades of last year against the Packers in Green Bay? 28-0 lead and before you know it, the Redskins are marching down to get within one score. Thankfully, Case Keenum tried to jump for the first down only to have the ball knocked out of his hands.

Penalties. Bad play-calling. We saw it all.

The defense? Again, great for five turnovers. But fuck. What’s with giving up big plays on drives late in halves for points? We saw it in Green Bay last year and in the playoffs. We even saw it last week when they blew a ten-point lead in the second half. Only a miracle in the final seconds saved that. And we saw it tonight before halftime.

It’s time for Matt Nagy and his playbook of trickery to take a hike. It’s time to bring in someone who actually knows how to give the ball to a running back instead of CORDARELLE FUCKING PATTERSON. HE’S NOT A FUCKING RUNNING BACK.

What else am I missing? I don’t know fucking know. Sure, if someone told me the Bears were going to win this game 31-15 without even watching it, I’d be happy. But damn. This is really painful to watch and will be all season. This is a very bad offense and the defense is very bad when the game is on the line. The offense is to blame for most of it.

The Bears play the Vikings next Sunday at home. The injuries are piling up. I need to go buy some Pepto Bismol.

Exhausted: Bears 16 Broncos 14

September 15, 2019

13-3 Bears with one quarter left. Bears intercept the Broncos near the goal line. No problem, right?


Matt Nagy did it again. He was out there calling timeouts to “stall” the Broncos and instead, it gives them more time to get a play and convert on fourth downs to continue drives. Before we know it, the game is about to be tied.

Then, the Bears were given a gift of a delay of game. The Broncos are about to try an extra pont.

Then, Buster Skrine jumps offside with the Broncos MISSING the extra point.

It was divine intervention that the Bears were going to lose this game after the Broncos converted the two-point conversion.

On a fourth-and-ten, Trubisky threw a huge pass to Allen Robinson and in the nick of time, fell to the ground and called a timeout. ONE. SECOND. LEFT.

Eddy Pineiro nails a 52-yard field goal to win the game. HOLY SHIT.

After all of that, the Bears finally win a game that they blew. And Matt Nagy should be fired before the press conference. Fuck him.

The Bears can’t clinch a playoff spot in September, but they can certainly lose one.

September 11, 2019

It’s a fact. Teams that start 0-2 aren’t likely to make the playoffs. The stats (cue Yeti) show that only a tenth of teams to start that way still get a playoff spot.

I would say that this Sunday against the Broncos is a must-win in every sense.

The season opener pissed us off. As I look at other games around the league, the Bears weren’t the only team to look awful.

I still feel this is an easy fix. Sadly, it won’t happen because Pace and Nagy are married to this for years to come. Matt Nagy is a fraud who thinks he’s an offensive wizard. In reality, he’s an offense to legit coaches. Again, a 2nd and 1 and he calls a passing play? Then, last week, a “trick” play to Cordarelle Patterson? GIVE IT TO A RUNNING BACK OR DO A QUARTERBACK SNEAK.

I feel this is it for the Bears. Win this or Sunday or be eliminated from playoff contention.

1st and 40: Packers 10 Bears 3

September 6, 2019

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 1st and 40 in a football game before. Same goes for 2nd/3rd and 40 as well. Maybe I saw it on television, but never in person.

It’s late. Here’s your recap:

Matt Nagy is a fraud. This game furthers that evidence. Just keep passing on 2nd and inches. That will show them!

The defense couldn’t stop Rodgers when it mattered the most. The stars don’t look that great, but he made great plays when they were needed the most.

Next week, the Bears go to Denver. Yay?

Preseason Meatball Thoughts: Titans 19 Bears 15

August 30, 2019

Eddy Pineiro missed big time on an extra point; but he did redeem himself with some field goals after. Yay for him.

The sixth stringers on defense blew the game on the final drive. Go figure. Matt Nagy teams have a history of finding a way to fuck it up.

Tyler Bray looked good. Should he replace Chase Daniel as the backup? Or is this Caleb Hanie 2.0?

Bears vs. Packers next week at Soldier Field. Yours truly will be there. Will the Bears get a big lead and blow it like last year’s season opener? Or will the football spirits allow the Bears to do something they rarely do and that’s actually hold onto a victory?

If it’s the former, at least I don’t have to drive three and a half hours back home. It will be an hour instead.


Preseason Meatball Thoughts: Cut/Trade Chase Daniel? Andrew Luck retires. Bears 27 Colts 17

August 25, 2019

I admit, I was paying half-attention to this game being at work and later, at home cooking dinner and doing laundry. I did, however, catch the first part of the game where Chase Daniel was out throwing incomplete passes and getting sacked. Later on, the defense kicked ass by scoring more touchdowns than the offense did. Then, Tyler Bray came in and lead the Bears to a touchdown.

I try not to make too much out of the preseason. Of course Daniel sucked in this game. All I can think about is how awesome Caleb Hanie was in the preseason back in 2009 and 2010. We all know that went when he started games in 2011 after Cutler broke his thumb. That was a really shitty time.

Want something great? Eddy Pineiro nailed a 56-yard field goal!

Want something stupid? Matt Nagy is a dumbass and didn’t let Pineiro attempt another field goal later on from 58 yards. So, what is supposed to be a time for this guy to get all the kicks in as possible, Nagy decides to be a dumbass and let the offense try to convert a 4th and a mile.

Okay, now on to the serious stuff. It was reported during the game that Andrew Luck was retiring. I saw his first career game in 2012 at Soldier Field. This is such a sad story. The guy has been snake bit with countless injuries in the last four or five years. He couldn’t catch a break and it broke him mentally. Shame on the fans in Indianapolis for booing him off the field after this game. The fans calling him “weak” or whatever else don’t have the balls to put pads on and play one of the most dangerous games in sports. If someone doesn’t have the desire to do something they once cared about, they shouldn’t be doing it. Fans taking off their jerseys and booing him are ridiculous.

The Bears finish the preseason this Thursday against the Titans. Also, Matt Nagy is a fraud.

Quick reminder: Matt Nagy is a fraud.

August 15, 2019

As we approach the second preseason game for the Bears, I just wanted to remind all of you that Matt Nagy blew at least three of the five losses last year for the Bears.

I’m afraid to say that this year will be the same. It will be big leads that are blown because Nagy doesn’t understand that teams have running backs for a reason and that it isn’t necessary to pass the ball on 2nd and inches. In fact, it’s stupid if it happens.

This past January, we were all kicked in the nuts from Cody Parkey. Trubisky did everything he could to give the Bears a chance to win that game on the final drive. Sure, the defense should have made the stop. But at the end of the day, they wouldn’t even have been in that game if it wasn’t for the defense playing as well as it did despite Matt Nagy’s stupidity.

The chance to win a Super Bowl has never been greater than it is right now. It’s unfortunate that an impostor of a head coach is in charge.

Oh, let’s not forget about Ryan Pace. This guy still can’t figure out how to find a kicker. For crying out loud, this guy trades draft picks just to move up two spots or whatever. He outbids himself to draft players.

I’ll have some final thoughts on the Bears before the season mercifully begins in three weeks. I’ll be at the game against the Packers. I’m already anxious with the feeling that the Bears will have a 20-point lead again only to blow it in typical fashion. Then, Matt Nagy will tell everyone in the press conference that “this was a tough loss” and “we’ll grow from this and correct our mistakes.”


11 years.

August 1, 2019

I know I haven’t posted much at all the last few months. I’ve had the excuses of being bored and just being pissed off at Chicago sports. All of that is true. This past summer, I’ve also been very busy and dealing with a lot from work.

But as I signed in this morning, I was given the notification that it was the anniversary of this website. It started on the first of August 11 years ago. Wow.

Again, a lot of this has been repeated. But damn. This website, albeit with a very small crowd these days, is still around. I can remember having 20 or more on an active discussion when it was started. We’ve seen people come and go. From Irish Yeti’s stats all the way down to Jimmy D.’s love for red heads, it’s been here. We can’t forget about Chucky’s rants about wanting to saw someone’s arms off either.

If I tried naming a bunch of you to thank, I am sure I will forget some. But I have I thank Genrebuster for posting when he can. He’s a good man.

I know the Bears started training camp last week. I’ve been wanting to post something about that and maybe I’ll get to it eventually. But for now, feel free to post anything you would like in this thread. It can be about things from the past that was discussed on here or anything now.

Even if you are someone who just comes by to laugh at what any of us say, thanks for reading.  For the ones who still post on here, I thank all of you for the support. You guys are all great people that I can call friends. I still wish we all can get together sometime soon. For crying out loud, we’ve been trying to do this for the last decade. Let’s try to get on this. God bless you all.

– Fro Dog

Open thread.

June 18, 2019