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Matt Nagy = Lovie Smith: Jordan Howard traded to the Eagles.

March 29, 2019

This smells just like Lovie Smith. It’s getting rid of players because they are simply not “his guys.” And of course, Ryan Pace is the puppet while the fraud, Matt Nagy, pulls the strings. We saw it with Thomas Jones after the Super Bowl loss in 2007. We saw it with Greg Olsen after the Packers beat them in the NFC Championship in 2011. It’s happening again.

Jordan Howard is gone. Matt Nagy feels he isn’t “his guy” and wants different players to fit his system.

So, what he’s what he’s letting everyone know is that he doesn’t want to practice common sense while coaching his team. He wants to be stupid and pass the ball when it’s 2nd and inches. He wants to keep passing the ball if the team is up two touchdowns just like the game against the Dolphins this past season. He wants to keep calling pass plays so the team blows the game.

This is a tire fire in progress. Fuck Matt Nagy. This guy is a scam artist and it’s going to be even more exposed this coming season. I never wanted him to begin with because of his inept failures with the Chiefs as the offensive coordinator. And nothing has changed since.

Remember, if a team is going to get rid of a player, they better replace them with someone as equal or better. I doubt it’s going to happen here because everyone in charge is a fucking moron. The Bears won 12 games despite Matt Nagy.

Watch and see. The fraud of a head coach is going to get a five-year extension sometime soon just because Michael McCaskey thinks the arrow is pointing up. If “pointing up” refers to “pointing up someone’s ass,” then sure.


Another open thread for you folks

March 22, 2019

Greetings to all. I am sorry for not posting much lately. Work has consumed me and I also had a shitty cold that lasted a couple of weeks.

Now, onto sports. The NCAA Tournament is underway. As of the conclusion of the first day, I already have three losses in my bracket.

The Blackhawks lost yet, another tough game. They are four points out with nine games left. Needless to say, time is running out. It’s not going to get any easier.

The Bears signed some players. But it doesn’t matter because Matt Nagy is the head coach and all he wants to do is dumb shit that costs the team games.

The Bulls, well, they are bad at sucking. Even when they are supposed to lose, they win. That decreases their chances of a better draft pick. Sheesh.

Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves. Or I should say, disgust amongst yourselves. Whatever.

The Bears just signed a kicker who’s last name is pronounced “Blew it.”

March 6, 2019

Is this a fucking joke? The Bears just keep out-doing themselves.

Six months or so away from the season opener. This is going great.

Open thread

February 25, 2019


Four points out of a playoff spot. 25 games left. Can the Blackhawks complete this comeback?

February 13, 2019

It’s been a very rough season for them up until the seven-game winning streak was started (and stopped with the loss against the Bruins). They fired Quenneville and had two separate eight-game losing streaks. They also made some trades that have paid off so far. This is good news.

And thankfully, some luck had to happen in the form of other teams in the Western Conference sucking at the same time. This has opened the door for the Blackhawks to have a chance. I felt they needed to win ten in a row at some point and they were able to get seven. But another one of five or more wins is necessary and it needs to start within the next week. There is little room for error.

Of course, they will need teams like the Blues, Wild, Canucks and Avalanche to lose games. The Blues are on fire winning seven in a row as well.

As we all know, if a team just gets into the playoffs, they have just as good of a chance as anyone else. Seeding doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Let’s see if they can pull this off.

The Bears are raising ticket prices. Again.

February 1, 2019

This is ridiculous. Ted Phillips is the mastermind behind this again. Here’s a snippet:

“Bears President and CEO Ted Phillips sent a letter to season ticket holders informing them of the increase, which he said was based on analysis of renewal trends and secondary-market data. He also noted the 2019 season will hold special meaning as the team celebrates its 100th season.”

A team that hasn’t won a Super Bowl in 33 years is doing this to the fans. I feel so bad for the season ticket/PSL folks. As if the thousands of dollars and time they spend every year isn’t enough. Ted and the minions up in Lake Forest pull this shit. Again.

I have a solution: How about a win a Super Bowl (or three) and maybe, they can raise it just a tad?

The Bears make plenty of money as it is. It’s not just from the tickets and food. Every team gets a good chunk from TV deals.

But, what do I know?

Sean Payton joins Matt Nagy in the “stupid department.”

January 25, 2019

When Drew Brees stepped back to throw on that first down this past Sunday only to throw an incomplete pass, I knew this was going to be a problem for the Saints. Then, on the third down throw, the “controversy” began.

Yet, nobody is talking about that. Everyone is talking about the phantom no-call on pass interference.

This just goes to show that a lot of coaches are just stupid. We saw it with Dan Quinn in the Super Bowl against the Patriots two years ago. We saw it with Nagy when he was calling plays with the Chiefs last year. And this year, Nagy in many different scenarios with the Bears. Add Sean Payton to that list.

Yeah, I know. Drew Brees is the greatest. He is. But two out of the three plays, they were pass plays that were unnecessary.

What did we learn today? In those types of scenarios where common sense should be displayed, it isn’t. This is why teams lose. The coaches beat their own teams.

Run. The. Ball.

Point the finger at everyone; not just the kicker.

January 16, 2019

It’s been difficult the last ten days getting over what happened on that Sunday evening in Chicago. For the first time in eight years, we saw the Bears in the playoffs. We were also waiting 12 years for a return to the Super Bowl. And for some of us, we still have yet to see the Bears win it. It sucks.

All this past season, I have bitched about how Matt Nagy is not calling plays to the strengths of this team. I strongly believe he is solely responsible for two of the four losses in the regular season. The first being the season opener against the Packers. Instead of running the ball on certain plays, especially late, it’s these idiotic passes that end up costing the team. For the game against the Dolphins, same thing. The Bears are up two scores and seemed to have had another touchdown if it wasn’t for an awful call by the referees. But none of that would have mattered if they had just ran the ball instead of passing. So, what happens next play after the penalty? A throw in the middle of the end zone with double coverage. Interception. Dolphins come back. Awful.

Then, this playoff game arrives. The defense couldn’t stop the Eagles on that last drive. The offense was just out of whack the entire game. I also felt Nagy wasn’t helping the team much either with some awful play-calling.

But none of it would have mattered because the Bears had the chance to win the game on the final drive. Mitchell Trubisky did everything in his power to give the team a chance to win. Then, of course, the kicker misses the kick. Yeah, I know it was blocked. But, he could have kicked the damn thing higher. It didn’t help that he had 147 other kicks during the year hit the goal post.

A lot has changed in ten days. Vic Fangio left to be the head coach of the Broncos. Assistant Ed Donatell joined him. Of course, that kicker also shows up on National Television to talk about how he is blessed and all that.

But what really pissed me off is that this past week, Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy are doing their year-end press conference. Thankfully, I missed most of it simply by forgetting it was going on. Catching the “highlights” of it proved that I was happy I didn’t see the whole thing. Kareem Hunt, who was the idiot cut by the Chiefs, was brought up as a potential free agent signing. Of course, a bunch of people are now talking about how great this could be for the Bears. Nagy tells the press that he doesn’t talk about football with Hunt and instead, just asks about what’s going on.

This is just another reason to dislike Matt Nagy and this franchise. They are seriously considering signing someone who is violent and hits women. And trust me, I am not some “PC” police officer. This is an issue that has to deal with our society. Nobody who puts a hand on a woman should be allowed to play in the NFL, especially for my favorite team. That goes for any sport as well. Fuck Kareem Hunt and fuck the Bears if they are actually considering signing this fuck wad.

Here we are again, Bears fans. Another offseason with no Super Bowl parade in downtown Chicago. Another offseason where so many questions with very little answers. What do you think the Bears should do come draft time and free agency? Discuss.

Of course: Eagles 16 Bears 15

January 6, 2019

Defense – Bad. So much for being number one all year. Terrible drives for two touchdowns.

Offense – Okay.

Cody Parkey – Fuck.

I knew it all week that the Bears were in big trouble. Go fucking figure. You can’t make this shit up.

I’m feeling like shit. Done for a while.

Getting the job done: Bears 24 Vikings 10

December 30, 2018

This game scared me. Some didn’t know how the Bears should approach this game. For me, I felt as it went on, that they should just play the starters to win the game. The game I thought of the most was the one against the Packers at the end of the 2010 season where if the Bears had won, the Packers would have been eliminated. That came back to the bite the Bears in the ass as the Packers were the ones that beat them in the NFC Championship that season. The Bears were still playing for a first-round bye with the second spot, but the Rams had no problem with the 49ers. The Bears controlled what they could have controlled and they stopped the Vikings from clinching a playoff spot.

Cody Parkey – He hits the post on the extra point. Again. This guy is going to kill all of us.

Mitchell Trubisky – Efficient. Some great passes and very few mistakes, if any. He is definitely a main reason why the Bears won.

Anthony Miller – He injured his shoulder again. This is not good news.

Jordan Howard – Some in the media have criticized Jordan Howard for not playing well this season. That’s because he hasn’t been given the ball as much as he should be. Today, I think he shut those critics up. This guy needs the ball and he needs it often. The Bears chewed up a lot of clock due to a strong running game from Howard.

Defense – Outstanding, once again. Big credit to the front line for putting pressure on Cousins. The Vikings didn’t get a touchdown until the second half and that was only because of an awful roughing the passer call that continued the drive. That’s happened before with the defense where a bad call goes against them and the other team ends up scoring. It would be nice if they could stop that from happening. Other than that, they cannot be taken for granted. They were rested today due to the offense having long drives. That is a formulate for success.

Next up are the defending Super Bowl Champion Eagles this Sunday.