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This game was typical at the start for the Chicago Bears. There was a blocked punt, then a touchdown and right after that, a three and out by the Bears. Before we knew it, the Bears were down 17-0 and it appeared that the 49ers were on their way to kicking the shit out the Bears on the road for 523rd time in a row. Not so fast. The Bears made adjustments on both sides of the ball. Trestman and Tucker figured out what was and wasn’t working. With some help from the referees and Jay Cutler being on his game, the Bears came back and won a game against the 49ers on the road for the first time since NINETEEN EIGHTY FIVE, my frendt.

Offense: First, credit to the offensive line for this performance. Cutler hit a couple of times but they hung in there despite the two injuries. I thought Bushrod and Mills both had great games. At first, it looked like the Bears were trying to run or set up screens for Forte. When they realized it wasn’t working, Trestman and Kromer changed things up and started passing down the field to the receivers and Martellus Bennett. Last, but not least, Brandon Marshall. Holy shit. Him and Jeffery were just fantastic despite their injuries.

Defense: Like the offense at the start, the defense was looking like horseshit too. I said last week that all the 49ers had to do, was to run the ball and have Kaepernick run all over the place. Instead, he is throwing all over the place and that turned into three interceptions. He also had a fumble too that was caused by Jared Allen. Nice of him and the rest of the defense to finally show up. Willie Young also came up huge with two sacks. The player of this entire game though goes to Kyle Fuller. He stepped in when Tillman went out and was doing things that we haven’t seem much with the Bears over these years: Cover receivers and make adjustments in place. And speaking of injuries, there were quite a few of them, including Chris Conte, Sherrick McManis, Jay Ratliff and Trevor Scott. That is not good news as the injuries are already piling up after just two games.

Special Teams: Nothing.

I am still in shock. If any of you say you thought the Bears were going to win this game, my bullshit detector will go off. The Bears are in first place. The Bears go to the Meadowlands next to face the Jets on Monday Night Football. Bear down.

Welcome to Fire Roger Goodell.

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NFL fans outside of Chicago, welcome to Fire Roger Goodell. This site is ran by two long time Chicago Bear fans who have been using this site since 2008 and as a group since 2005 to get rid of certain sports figures in Chicago sports such as Jerry Angelo, Lovie Smith and current Chicago Bulls head coach, Tom Thibodeau. I am Fro Dog and the man who suggested the new name for this site is Genrebuster, who also writes for this site. Feel free to share your thoughts as we continue our efforts to get rid of this hack once and for all. Below are just some of the many reasons why Roger Goodell should be tossed from our football lives forever.

1. Thursday Night Football games

2. Numerous rule changes

3. His salary – $44 million in 2013

4. The Ray Rice situation

5. Kenny Albert – No. He’s not the reason why this man on the list. I just really hate Kenny Albert. He has replaced Dick Stockton as the new kiss of death to Chicago sports teams.

6. Saying “ignorance is not an excuse” when discussing the New Orleans Saints situation two years ago.

Those are just some of the reasons why this rotten bastard should be tossed. Feel free to share yours in the comments section.

NEW Name proposal.

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NFL-Union-Leader-Says-Players-Don’t-Trust-Roger-GoodellThis guy is a total scumbag and needs to go. PERIOD.

He’s completely out of touch, on multiple levels.

According to the stats (cue Yeti), if the Bears don’t win this Sunday, the season is likely over.

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As it has been discussed here many times over the years, we generally don’t give a shit about stats other than wins and losses. If you look at this past Sunday, the Bears did very well in terms of yards and time of possession. Did it translate into a victory? No. We always say “As long as the Bears win, that’s all that matters.” And that’s true to a point.

However, something was thrown my way yesterday that I could not ignore. Since 1990, teams that have started off 0-2, have managed a way to get to the playoffs 12% of the time. In football terms (or any other way), that is not a very good probability. Some may argue the point of “Well, the Packers, Patriots and Saints all lost too this past Sunday.” You are right. But let’s put it this way: The three quarterbacks on those teams all have Super Bowl rings. The three coaches on those teams, have rings. All three of those teams, have a track record of being in it every single year. The Bears, are in playoff hunts every year, but never make it unlike the teams I just mentioned.

That’s the difference. That’s why this game coming up against the 49ers is big. The Lions and Vikings won their openers. And looking at the Packers schedule, they may not lose another game until the middle of October. It’s time for the Bears to nut up and quit making stupid fucking decisions and that goes for both the coaches and the players. When it’s 3rd and less than a yard, Trestman shouldn’t be over his head by trying to run a rollout with Cutler only for them to throw it a defensive lineman for the 372nd time. When Brandon Marshall catches the ball, he should tuck the damn thing away rather than hold it out for the whole world to see. When the media rightfully criticizes them, they should stop blaming them for being “negative”.

The entire football world is going to be watching this game between the Bears and 49ers this Sunday. Will the Bears finally shut everyone up about their deficiencies or will they prove, once again, that they just aren’t good enough yet?

A total team effort

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Drunk Bear Fans material

Drunk Bear Fans material

With this loss, I was going to say something along the lines of “Don’t blame the players. This one is on the coaches”. Then, I arrived home and thought differently. Let’s forget that it was the Bills that they lost to. The Bears gave this game away. This loss is on everyone. There aren’t any mulligans for the coaches anymore. For the first time, I am questioning Phil Emery and Marc Trestman. You chalk up Trestman’s poor decisions last year to him being “inexperienced”. There aren’t any more excuses. This is the type of the game that you will look at after the season if or when the Bears miss out on the playoffs on the last day of the season. And looking at the schedule, the Bears could start the season 0-4.

Offense: For the love of God, RUN THE FUCKING BALL. When it’s 3rd and 1, why does Trestman call a pass play? This shit was all on Trestman here. There is no excuse for him not to trust Forte to get one fucking yard on two chances. Forte was getting good runs all game and all of a sudden, Trestman pulls the plug on it? That is absolute bullshit. I even told the guy sitting next to me right before the second Cutler interception that the simplest thing would have been either a Forte run up the middle or a Cutler sneak. I’ve been bitching about this shit for years and still, the same results. Let’s not forget about Brandon Marshall fumbling the ball near the red zone in the second quarter. The Bears had three turnovers and it turned into 13 points for the Bills. Lastly, too many dropped passes. Like I said, it was a team effort.

Defense: They were awful. Just awful. And what was funny is that the Bills ran about four or five plays all game. When it was first or second down, it’s a bootleg, run up the middle or a pass to the running back. Then, with long yardage on 3rd down, it’s 15+ yard passes to a receiver on a slant. Oh, and fuck Chris Conte. First, he gets an interception which was nice and as all of us are clapping, he decides to run towards the end zone and fans. What a Richard.

Special Teams: Who cares.

Next up: On the road to play the 49ers. Fun fact? The Bears haven’t won a game on the road against them since the Reagan administration. Despite the new stadium, I don’t think that’s changing. I can pretty much guarantee that the 49ers will run about three plays all game. They are as follows: Frank Gore run up the middle, Colin Kaepernick bootleg run and long passes to Vernon Davis. Your thoughts in the thread.

Assessing the Bears one last time before the regular season begins

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Let’s pray this doesn’t happen in a crucial situation. And no, I wasn’t trying to miss.

With the regular season upon us, it’s time, once again, for final thoughts. I will be at the game on Sunday and our old friend, Kyle Orton will be in uniform for the Bills. Like last year when he was on the Cowboys, I was in full meatball mode and even more when he came in late in the game. I will be in the same mode this Sunday for the return of Neck Beard (by Cracky).

Offense: All 11 starters are back. The Bears nearly went from worst to first in total offense with Trestman and Kromer at the helm along with fixing the offensive line. Kyle Long and Jordin Mills really excelled last year so you would think they would only get better. We all know that Trestman screwed up a few times when handling fourth downs and of course, that wonderful decision to have Robbie Gould kick a field goal on second down in Minnesota last year. Matt Forte finally has backups who seem to actually be good at getting a yard when needed. Two of them are rookies (Ka’Deem Carey, Senorise Perry) and the other has only been in the league for two years (Shaun Draughn).

The receiving core is stacked. First, with the receivers in Marshall and Jeffery. Then, Santonio Holmes and Josh Morgan are the backups there with Michael Spurlock being the last option. It appears that Spurlock will be handling returns along with Senorise Perry. And we can’t forget the tight ends with Bennett, Rosario and Matthew Mulligan, who is the newcomer.

Defense: The Bears defense can’t be any worse than last year, right? However, due to only one offseason to try to fix this side of the ball, it may take another year to add depth. Our friend CS basically summed it up in a sentence by saying that the Bears are an injury or two away from being just as shitty as last year. I pray he’s wrong because the Bears cannot afford to give up 40 points a game along with 600 yards. The offense can score but it’s not going to matter when the defense can’t stop anybody either. Ryan Mundy and Danny McCray will be starting at safety with (gulp) Chris Conte backing them up. Brock Vereen is also there but it appears he will be on special teams. As shitty as it is, Chris Conte will see the field this year. Good Lord.

So what is good? The defensive line. I wrote a bit about this after the draft but the Bears are indeed, stacked here. You would think Jared Allen has another year or two left in him. LaMarr Houston is finally going to be noticed by playing on a decent team and the rookies in Ego Ferguson and Will Sutton will be ready as well. Jay Ratliff is back as well so as long as the line can a force, the linebackers will be less as shitty as projected. Briggs is fat and old. McClellin is a huge question mark and D.J. Williams seems to be injured all the time. The only good thing that could happen is Christian Jones, who was undrafted but reported to be making an impact so far.

Special teams: The Bears have a new punter in rookie Pat O’Donnell. And of course, Robbie Gould is still there. Now that Robbie can “feed his family”, there shouldn’t be any issue with him missing big field goals in overtime.

Your thoughts in the thread.

Chicago Sky advance

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The Chicago Sky went into the fourth quarter of the deciding game against the Atlanta Dream trailing by 16. In fact, I don’t believe they ever had the lead. In the final seconds, future Mrs. Fro Dog, Elena Delle Donne, hit a shot to put the Sky ahead by one and was ultimately, the difference. Angel McCoughtry of the Dream put up a shot as time expired but the ball bounced several times around the basket before falling off the rim. Delle Donne had 34 points. This was the first playoff series win in franchise history.

The Sky take on the team that eliminated them from last year’s playoffs in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Indiana Fever on Saturday.

More Erin Kennedy

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Apparently, some dude is even more obsessed with babes in Chicago news than yours truly. He compiled this newscast of just Erin looking fantastic (as always) on YouTube. There are also others that were in the tournament that he compiled up in other videos too. Check them out.

Open thread

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Bears cut a PATHETIC excuse for an NFL player to make room for Santonio Holmes.

August 19, 2014 by

I know, I’m a little late to the party but I finally have time to comment on this move. So far, the Bears are looking fairly decent in the meaningless preseason. Last year, the defense was completely dominant in the preseason and I was ready to naked cartwheels in the streets. Then, the regular season arrived and we all saw happened (even when they were healthy). So who knows. Maybe the opposite is happening this year?

Here’s some good news: Eric Weems is finally gone. This guy really sucked. Last year, I was found saying in the recaps and to others that I did not understand what purpose Eric Weems has being on the Bears, or any other team. Eric Weems is not a football player and never has been a football player. Maybe this guy isn’t really named Eric Weems and it was possible that this guy that looks just like him, captured the real Eric Weems and is locking him up somewhere while stealing his identity. He should also be arrested for stealing from the Bears.

I am not sure how much Santonio Holmes has left in him but he was MVP of a Super Bowl and the Bears don’t need him to do much. But it doesn’t hurt to have a guy of his talent on this team. Trestman said that people can change through time and maybe his work ethnic will now that he is on a contender. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a privilege to be in the NFL and it might have been possible that he didn’t give a shit with the Jets because, let’s face it, it’s the Jets. I don’t hate the Jets but they did suck the last couple of years and that probably attributed to him not caring as much (along with his injuries). Maybe he’s ready to go or maybe he’s not. No matter what though, he’s not Eric Weems (or the guy pretending to be him).

Your thoughts in the thread.


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