Hello Mr. Trestman…

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We’d like to have a few words with you…

Sources: Bears to fire Trestman and rest of the coaching staff; Emery still undecided.

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Well, I’ll believe it when I see it but that’s what I heard on The Score earlier. Apparently, ownership met last night after the game (why now?) and decided that getting rid of this coaching staff would be best. I agree.

I sure pray this comes to fruition in two weeks. I said in the previous post that Emery seems to have done his part but if this means he has to go, then fine with me. Go get a general manager who will then, hire an actual head coach with actual coordinators. Then, find actual football players (53 of them, to be exact) to help this team succeed and win a Super Bowl. I am sick of this nonsense garbage and everyone else is too.

The Bears are out-doing themselves in the stupid department.

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I am a few days late with this post but I’ve been a little busy. I’ve been pissed off all season and this time, the Bears decided to insult our intelligence some more by not doing what was best for this team. First, the NFL Network report comes out saying that management has lost confidence in Dickface as the quarterback of this team. Then, Kromer gives a tearful apology last week to the team by saying it was him who said it?

Reports are saying that a bunch of players were basically asking themselves “What the fuck?” when the apology was going on. Many were said to be very uncomfortable and anxious for the season to just be over with.

Steve Rosenbloom reported on Saturday that the choice to fire Kromer on Friday was up to Trestman. Trestman said something along the lines of “He is too valuable to get rid of”.

You cannot make this shit up.

There is a bunch more to say but I am just like the rest of you in that this season cannot get over soon enough. It will be, yet, another season that the Bears fail to make the playoffs and the 29th straight year without a Super Bowl victory. PATHETIC. Tonight, the Bears face the Saints at home. I am praying for the Saints to put up 60 points. Sadly, I think Trestman is staying put after this season.

The problem with that is, who the fuck is going to want to come here to play or coach for this team? If Trestman is still here, what coordinators (who might actually be worth a damn) are going to want to work for this hack? What free agents and draft picks are going to want to play for this team? This plan has failed miserably. I could maybe give Emery a pass since I still believe he brought in the right players to help this team (let’s forget about Shea McClellin) but the coaching staff? These PATHETIC excuses for coaches have to go.

I am not here saying this bothers me more than others but some of us here, voluntarily, throw money at this franchise. For years, I have gone to games. Dan and Carl from Fire Ron Turner are season ticket holders and we all have gone together a few of these times. They spend way more than I do and they would find it to be an absolute slap to the face if they raise ticket prices again next season for us. The tickets aren’t even worth the paper it’s printed on. And yes, it is our fault that we spend money on this. But it’s also the Bears fault for making us think they will actually be a damn good team like we thought the last two or three years.

I am afraid to say this, but this whole fiasco will get worse before it gets better.

Not sitting still….thoughts?

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theo-epsteinIt’s a little more fun to be a Cubs fan today…..unless you think back to the days of Hendry and the toothpick chomping idiot…then it’s a lot more fun!

Why is Kirk Hinrich still on this team?

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I have never really figured out how Kirk Hinrich still has a job in the NBA after all of these years. After watching last night’s debacle against the Warriors, we should all be assured that this team isn’t going anywhere. And if they have any small chance of going deep, Kirk Hinrich will do his best to prevent that.

When the Bulls first drafted him, I thought they should have went for his college teammate, Nick Collison, first. Now, Collison has made a home in the NBA with the Thunder and he’s been a solid player. Still, I was fine with this. As time went on, I became more annoyed with this idiot.

First, of course, his free throw shooting. There have been many occasions where he could have helped the Bulls win only to fuck up late by missing free throws. Then, last week, he outdid himself in the stupid department by fouling Monta Ellis on a three-point shot with just over ONE second left in the game. Genius! The Mavericks won it in double overtime. What pissed me off the most is that the Bulls had a five-point lead with about a minute left and couldn’t seal the deal. Jimmy Buttfucker also missed a free throw in that final minute, as well. ThomASS tried to take the blame for it after the game but he wasn’t the one who committed the foul, so fuck him. Well, at least ThomASS is taking the blame for something.

Next, he is a turnover machine. I counted at least twice in last night’s game (I only watched about 15 minutes of this game as well) that he threw the ball away. He dribbles all over the place and thinks he’s some type of baller by having no-look passes that go right into the stands. Enough of this shit. I swear to God, I want to punch this schmuck right in the damn face every time he does something stupid. Want more bad passing? Watch him try to throw it down low to Noah or Gasol with those guys being guarded by two people. In that case, Kirk Hinrich is the Jay Cutler of basketball.

I wish the Bulls would get rid of this fucking idiot. Even the best players in the NBA have some flaws. But when there are more negatives than positives for one particular player, they don’t belong on a roster. I don’t expect players to be perfect by making all free throws and never turning the ball over but come on. The Bulls had a total of 22 turnovers in last night’s game.

For anyone who actually thinks the Bulls have a shot this year, they are currently sitting in fifth place in the fucking Eastern Conference. Seriously. They would barely be the eighth seed in the West. Fifth in the East? This team is such a fucking joke. And to make matters worse, ThomASS is still running his players into the ground and the season is only a fourth of the way through. Jimmy Butler played 44 minutes last night. Wrap your head around that one.


The Bears can still make the playoffs if…

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The Lions, Seahawks and Cowboys all lose at least three of the remaining four games (Lions must lose the one against the Bears). Then, the Bears must win at least three games and four, for sure.

Okay. You all can punch me now.

What the Bears should do, but probably won’t.

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Well, barring some miracle where the Bears win out along with teams like the Lions, Seahawks and Cowboys losing out, it will be another season without the playoffs. As every November/December goes with this site, it’s time to look towards the offseason and moves that the Bears should, but probably won’t make. First, credit goes out to Chucky and CS for basically saying the season was over after the first half of the season opener. They must have better eyes than the rest of us do. I had a little bit more optimism (stupid me).

First, the entire coaching staff deserves to be shit canned. I guess I could give Emery a bit of a break since he did bring in some decent picks and the signings he made were pretty good (Young, Allen and Houston). While Willie Young has earned his money, Allen hasn’t been all that great and with Houston being a great signing on paper, we all know how that worked out. But Trestman needs to go. The same stupid decisions continue to be made as far as play-calling and clock management are concerned. Mel Tucker is an obvious decision. Both Trestman and Tucker, every fucking week, tell the media that “we need to get better” and “we need to correct those bad decisions”. Okay. Great. The next time arrives and the same shit is happening. I don’t know about anyone else here, but those guys annoy the fuck out of me.

So who do the Bears get? Well, Emery isn’t going anywhere. Neither is Trestman, whether we like it or not. That leaves Aaron Kromer, Mel Tucker and Joe DeCamillis. Well, I am going to just blame Trestman for the idiotic moves on offense and give Kromer a pass. Tucker and DeCamillis should have been out the door after last year. Emery did as much as he could to fix that defense and it still sucks. All teams have injuries, so that should never be an excuse. Who do they bring in? Well, this may be the meatball in me talking, but fuck it. Rex Ryan is out the door in New York, so why not? He’s a defensive-minded guy who has achieved some success before coming to the Jets. The way I see it, there is nothing to lose. It’s better than bringing in a guy (Mel Tucker) who was a defensive coordinator for one of the worst franchises in the NFL (Jaguars). I am sick and tired of coaching staffs on this franchise that never utilizes their best players (Matt Forte) and puts them in the best position to succeed.

What about the personnel? I feel like a broken record here because I have been saying the same shit the last three or four years. The Bears need an offensive lineman or two. While Cutler isn’t going anywhere (nobody wants him and he is due at least $36 million over the next two years), they absolutely need to draft a quarterback. The Bears need to draft linebackers. The Bears need to draft cornerbacks and safeties who actually know how to cover receivers and not let them run ten yards past them as they head for the end zone. Chris Conte gets hurt every damn game. Tim Jennings sucks. Charles Tillman is all but retired. Likewise for Briggs. Shea McClellin has ran out of opportunities (and positions) to be a difference maker for this team. The defensive line is still great. But that’s not going to matter when the seven other guys on that side of the ball can’t do shit. For the love of God, why can’t the Bears just fucking field a defense that is decent? I am not looking for the ’85 Bears or even the ’06 team. Just put a secondary out there that doesn’t let quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers throw all over the place to wide open receivers. Put a secondary out there that doesn’t let Calvin Johnson or some bum wide receiver on a shitty team run past them for a 30-yard touchdown.

Changes need to be made. And that starts at the top with the McCaskey’s and Ted Phillips. It has nothing to do with spending money. They spend plenty of money and they have done so in the past. They just haven’t spent it wisely. They also haven’t picked management wisely either. I don’t know how this will get fixed but I am praying it does soon. I am fucking annoyed with this entire franchise. I know I am not the only one that’s pissed off. I am sure a lot of you who are reading this feel the same damn way. There are so many other things that piss me off about this team but this is just a sample size of what chaps my ass.

Open thread.

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Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

The real highlight of Sunday.

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Open thread.

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