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November 20, 2014 by

The Bears won. But they still suck! I will tell you why.

November 17, 2014 by

1. Dickface still threw two interceptions in this game. And right to the defenders.

2. Robbie Gould continued to prove that he is overrated and overpaid by missing a field goal and kicking the ball out of bounds on a kickoff.

3. The Bears stopped the Vikings towards the end of the first half with about a minute to go. They call a timeout and get the ball back. Then, they call a running play and let the clock run about 25 seconds. Then, Forte gets another run to midfield. Timeout. Then, Dickface, promptly, throws an interception when everyone knew where the ball was going because the Bears were out of timeouts. It’s clear that Trestman is a dipshit at clock management because this has happened numerous times.

Guess what’s next? That’s right. Lovie Lee Smith and the almighty Tampa Bay Buccaneers come to Soldier Field. Since I couldn’t even give away my tickets for free, I am stuck going to this shit fest. I have a FEELING I will hear a meatball yell “DA BEARS SHOODA NEVER GOTTEN RID OF LOVIE. THE PLAYERS RESPECT HIM”.

Forecast for today’s game between the Bears and Vikings: Snow flurries, wet, cold

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Apparently, we’ve been hacked.

November 15, 2014 by

Folks, it appears that our site was hacked quite some time ago. A while back, I noticed a post that was not by myself nor Genrebuster that was posted recently but dated a few weeks ago that had nothing to do with sports but rather, how to save money on kitchen items. In addition, there have been some spam comments but I deleted those. I changed my passwords as well. Just for everybody to know, if you see any unusual posts (well, we always post those kinds), make sure to point it out.

By the way, who in their right mind would want to hack a website like this?

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November 9, 2014 by

35-0 and counting. Come on Bears! Don’t stop until it’s 70-0!

This is it for the Bears.

November 6, 2014 by

This Sunday, barring any collapse by the Packers and/or Lions, is the Bears last chance to keep whatever prayer they have, alive. Looking at the standings, the division seems like the best chance for them to get in. The problem is, they are about four games back halfway through the season.

The Bears must win out to guarantee a playoff spot. Even if they go 7-1, it will be difficult seeing many other teams have better records who aren’t division leaders.

Ah, fuck it. This team sucks. Who am I crapping?

Taj Gibson is a fucking idiot.

October 31, 2014 by

Wow. This was one of the very few games where ThomASS wasn’t responsible for a loss. Hinrich hits two straight three’s. Bulls are up six with less than a minute to go. The Cavaliers get a basket. It’s 96-93 with 46 seconds to go. I repeat: The Bulls are up 96-93 with 46 seconds to go. What is the best possible strategy? If you guessed playing the clock and not rushing a shot, you would be correct.

That is, however, if you are a dumbass by the name of Taj Gibson. He usually takes jump shots and usually, he misses. After I spent all game talking to my friend about how much Noah and Gasol suck with their own jump shots (Gasol missed 11 or 12 of them in this game), I was really wishing that I wouldn’t have anything else to bitch about. But here it is. With only about ten seconds off the shot clock, this hack decides to take a 15-footer and promptly missed it. Then, Kyrie Irving drives right down, gets a favorable foul call, which results in a three-point play. The game is tied. Overtime arrives and as expected, the Bulls lose.

Open thread.

October 29, 2014 by

Well, the Bears suck. The Blackhawks have been getting some bad breaks recently but I think they will turn it around. What’s left? Those Bulls. Yes, those same Bulls who have been irrelevant since 1998. Another season has arrived and from what I understand, Joakim Noah’s knees are already a problem along with his two bad feet. Rose’s two bad knees are apparently, healed. Over/under before ThomASS makes sure he gets hurt? I predict the 19th game of the season when the Bulls are up 35 with three minutes left. ThomASS still has his starters in the game and all are near or above 40 minutes. Rose jogs down the court and pulls/tears something. Son. Of. A. Bitch.

It’s time to flush the toilet.

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LaMarr Houston thought he was awesome when sacked a back-up quarterback with his team down by more than 20. Then, he tore something while celebrating. Nice going, dude. Go eat dirt.

LaMarr Houston thought he was awesome when sacked a back-up quarterback with his team down by more than 20. Then, he tore something while celebrating. Nice going, dude. Go eat dirt.


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