Going for the record?

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Just wondering, what is major league record for consecutive games getting shut out? The fucking Scrubs seem to trying to go for it. If I were Samardzjia I would demand to be traded today. I don’t think they’ve scored one fucking run for him. And they want us to get all excited about celebrating 100 years of futility in a goddamned urinal? Fuck you Ricketts! – chucky

Many thanks to our good friend chucky, for saving me the trouble of composing a new thread.


Time for the playoffs.

April 17, 2014 by

1. The Blackhawks begin the playoffs against the Blues. Toews and Kane are healthy and ready to go. Injuries are never a good thing but for this case, the two stars were able to rest which is what they needed going in. The Blues are a MASH unit right now but without a doubt, they will still be a tough team to beat in a series. There hasn’t been a repeat champion since the Red Wings did it in 1998 so that just goes to show how hard it is to do so. The Blackhawks, if healthy, have the chance to do it.

2. The Bulls start Sunday night against the Wizards. As we all know, the Bulls may get lucky and get to the second round but waiting for them will be the Pacers. If, by some sort of miracle, they win that series, the Heat will be next in line. Let me guess, play the Heat, win the first game and promptly, lose the next four. While that is possible, here are the reasons why that could happen: Derrick Rose has two bad knees and won’t be playing. Joakim Noah, while playing, has two bad feet. Jimmy Butler’s legs are dead. Really, he can’t feel them. This entire team still can’t make free throws. Last, but not least, Tom Thibodeau is still the head coach.

Who gives a crap about the Cubs?

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Flock of sheep, New Zealand, Pacific

Raise your hand, or just say “baaaaah”.


Open thread.

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While I was also on Bourbon Street, I met this guy who was going to Wrestlemania as well. He, just like us, wants Roger Goodell to take a hike. I know that the fans, on draft day, will continue to boo the shit out the idiot known as commissioner of the NFL.


I just don’t believe this.

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Days after being inducted into the Hall of Fame, the Ultimate Warrior has left us all.

This past weekend, was probably the best one times I’ve had if not in a long time, than ever. I finally had time to actually take a vacation. Wrestlemania weekend was unbelievable and hanging out with over 75,000 of my closest friends was a great experience. I arrived home late Monday night and went into work Tuesday still feeling great. Then, this happens.

I was at the Hall of Fame ceremony and took the picture above as Ultimate Warrior about to speak. I saw him both at the ceremony and of course, on the stage Sunday. I actually wanted to go to Raw the next night but had to get back for work. I wish I had now because as he did on Saturday, the Warrior made another great speech on Monday. After finding out the news of him going away, he must have known something was happening to him.

One thing he said in his speech on Saturday that made me really smile was talking about how many athletes portray pro wrestlers with their gimmicks but, you never see a wrestler do something that a football player does, for example. He mentioned an example as Ray Lewis with his face paint. It didn’t make sense until he brought it up but Lewis always had the face paint similar to the Ultimate Warrior and he admitted, it was him paying homage.

Even though I am not an athlete, I do the same thing as well. I even had my chops (by cracky) as an homage for CM Punk before finally shaving them a few weeks back. I guess the thing I find funny about it is that not many people, such as customers or family members know why I did that. If you explained to them why, they still wouldn’t understand. It’s a wrestling-thing.

It’s because we’re wrestling fans and that’s what we do. We drive 12-13 hours for Wrestlemania. Some of us fly from other countries for a show and most of those people, dress up as one of their favorite wrestlers. From the outside, it’s geeky and some may think we’re morons. But that’s fine. We, as fans shouldn’t give a shit what people think of us. It’s what we love and that’s all that matters. The Ultimate Warrior felt the same way. He told us both on Saturday and on Monday that it was us, who made him.

Nobody becomes a legend on their own.


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Well, I have about 150 of them but had to pick the best of the best from this past weekend. Enjoy.


Matt Striker

Matt Striker




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Ladies and gentleman, New Orleans was a time to remember. On the way down, I had to exit off to two different towns because of  at least one or two tornadoes south of St. Louis. I admit, it was a little bit scary. I have to say, Chicago is still the greatest city in the world but New Orleans is a distant second or third. I can’t forget about Memphis either on way there. I went on Beale Street and had Cajun chicken pasta. When I arrived in New Orleans, Spirits and Willie’s on Bourbon had great burgers and wings. It rained the entire weekend and it was so damn humid, but that didn’t stop more than the 75,000 people that were in town, including myself. I ate three times as much food and had a million times more fun. It was truly a blast.

During the Saturday at Spirits, I was able to meet former wrestler Matt Striker along with Josh Isenberg, Brian Gulish and Justin LaBar of the show Chair Shot Reality on Wrestlezone.com. Their show airs in segments on weekends on Wrestlezone. Check it out. Those are the best.

When The Undertaker was pinned, you could hear a pin drop. It was that shocking. People who bet against The Undertaker are still counting their cash. Around me, there were grownups crying, both men and women. Even a “fake” sport can still bring out true emotions in people. Not a lot of people liked it, but this is why we watch it. Wrestlemania was awesome. At least Daniel Bryan finally surpassed every road block. The roof came off the place. Your thoughts, as always, in the comments section.

And before I forget, Antonio Cesaro has, in Chucky’s words, grown on me. In fact, he’s grown on everyone now. Unbelievable.


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Off to New Orleans.

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Alright ladies and gentleman, yours truly will be taking off Thursday afternoon. On my way to the Big Easy, first, I will making a stop in Yeti’s neighborhood (he recommended a restaurant right off the interstate in his area). I am staying overnight in Memphis and may check out Graceland Friday morning/afternoon. I’ll get to my hotel Friday night. I will be at the Hall of Fame ceremony and then, of course, the big day on Sunday. The weather calls for really shitty storms during the entire trip so I will try my best to take it easy. I’ll return Monday night/Tuesday morning.

If you can believe it, Vegas has odds for every pay-per-view (it’s still real to me damnit!). Daniel Bryan is the favorite at 8/2 to win the title. Bray Wyatt is favored over John Cena at 3/2. The biggest margin isn’t such a surprise with Brock Lesnar being the underdog against the Undertaker.

Mr. T is predicting pain for the Hall of Fame ceremony. I suggest if you are going to bet, don’t against Mr. T.

We’ll see what happens. Enjoy the show folks. I’ll try to stay off your televisions/computers.

Welcome to Chicago, sir.

March 27, 2014 by

To the surprise of many, Jared Allen is a Bear. The deal is four years, but only the first two years are guaranteed. According to the cap geeks, the Bears picked up Allen and Lamarr Houston for about the same price that Julius Peppers would have been paid if the Bears had kept him. Regardless, this is a victory for the Bears.

This goes back to what Phil Emery has done since arriving. The draft hasn’t even arrived yet and the defensive line looks like this: Willie Young, Nate Collins, Israel Indoije, Lamarr Houston, Jay Ratliff and now, Jared Allen. The line is stacked and the Bears could still add one more to the mix come the draft. We can’t forget the other additions on defense with Ryan Mundy and M.D. Jennings.

With the Bears having seven picks this upcoming draft, you still would think they draft defensive players in the first two rounds. The linebackers consist of Jon Bostic, Lance Briggs, Khaseeme Greene and D.J. Williams. As excited as I was for both Bostic and Greene last year, I still think the Bears should get a linebacker in one of the first two rounds. The line may be fixed but the rest of the defense needs help. Seven picks should get a linebacker, safety, cornerback, running back, defensive lineman, an extra offensive lineman and possibly, a backup quarterback.

Your thoughts in the thread.


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