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Tonight is the night.

May 14, 2015 by

This is the moment we all have been waiting for. Two and a half hours from this posting, the Bulls will tip off against the Cavaliers in what will be the final game coached by ThomASS. All of these years of players committing technical fouls for the dumbest of reasons, missing free throws and playing 44 minutes of game will all be over.

The Bulls, since ThomASS came here in 2010, have been nothing short of undisciplined and not reaching their full potential. I don’t know who the next head coach will be, but I would pray that Jerry Reinsdorf, Gar Forman and John Paxson look at Jeff Van Gundy as their top choice. I know he “criticized” them earlier in the year, but that’s what an analyst does. Management can’t be a pile of sensitive assholes. I believe he is the best option out there.

As a fan, I am disgusted. I have been saying this shit all along about how this team will never go anywhere, as long as Tom Thibodeau is the head coach. The team has been put together to contend for an NBA Championship and instead, we are fed bullshit. It seems to be the norm in Chicago sports for us to have our intelligence insulted. The Bears are a prime example of that. I am sick of it. When the Bulls lose tonight, I will still be pissed, because I do want them to win. However, when they do lose, I will believe that brighter days are ahead. Bulls fans, brighter days are ahead.

At least, I would like to think.

On Thursday, don’t let the door hit you in the ThomASS on the way out.

May 12, 2015 by

The Bulls will lose this series on Thursday. This means ThomASS will finally be out as head coach of the Bulls. Thank God because I cannot continue watching a team that is undisciplined and poorly managed. Enough is enough.

Blown Opportunity.

May 10, 2015 by


With 1.5 seconds to go, I thought we might see this. But nooooooooooooo…

Fro…I assume you were watching…please let us know that you are ok (if your head hasn’t exploded)!

I don’t see Lebron and Irving having sub-par games again – at least not in the same game – so I think the odds of the Bulls winning this series just got much worse.

Thibodeau may be a defensive genius (?), but if you can’t score points it doesn’t really matter…defense alone is not enough to win the championship. I don’t think he, or the Bulls will be around much longer…

Noah really CANNOT make a layup…it was painful to watch.

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The Chicago Bulls are halfway there to the biggest collapse in NBA playoff history.

April 27, 2015 by

The Bulls were up 3-0 in a series vs. one of the greatest teams in NBA history, the under-.500 Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the playoffs.

Now, the series is 3-2 heading back to Milwaukee. And how fitting would it be if the Bulls indeed, collapsed by losing four in a row. No NBA team has lost a series after being up 3-0.

For all of the ThomASS defenders, where are all of you at? You sure have been silent the last month or two. Come on. I know you idiots are reading this shit. What do all of you dumbasses have to say now?

Come on Bulls. Don’t stop now. Complete the epic failure so changes can be made quicker.

No NBA team has ever lost a series after leading 3-0. Can the Bulls be the first?

April 26, 2015 by

Well, it certainly looks impossible. I shouldn’t be surprised but, I am still fucking pissed. How embarrassing can the Chicago Bulls be? They went into Saturday looking to sweep the hapless Milwaukee Bucks. What has happened in this entire series has been driving me ape shit. The Bulls have been sloppy in every game. The only reason why they were still winning was because the Bucks suck so badly, it was still close enough for them to come back and pull a victory out.

The stats are there for you to see, too (cue Yeti). It’s PATHETIC.

But, Game 4 was the icing on the cake for me.

The Bulls, despite for their TWENTY-FUCKING-EIGHT turnovers, had a chance to win in the final seconds. The Bulls, despite their six missed free throws, had a chance to win in the final seconds. The Bulls, despite ThomASS barely playing the bench, had a chance to win in the final seconds.

Rose decided to dribble the ball into triple coverage instead of passing back to Jimmy Butler for a chance to win the game or at least, go into overtime. The Bulls, namely Rose, give up the game-winning layup easily. Now, Game 5 is on Monday. This game made me want to do a lot of things. One thing would be punching idiots such as Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson in their ugly fucking faces. I hate those fucking guys. Neither should be allowed shoot a basketball, much less touch one. They are turnover machines who can’t make free throws to save their lives. Fuck those guys.

ThomASS is a fucking idiot. Tony Snell, who kicked ass in Game 3, played a tremendous 7:26. That’s it? Him and Gasol are the only players who have been consistent all year in terms of level of play and health. And why didn’t Aaron Brooks play more than nine minutes in this game? You would think RESTING starters would be a good idea. Then again, I am a fucking idiot who realizes that shit will never change.

Maybe I am outrageous for saying this, but wouldn’t it just be fitting for the Bulls to make NBA history by losing a series after leading 3-0? No NBA team has ever done that. If the Bulls pull it out, they are just delaying the inevitable. For a team that has such a hard time with the Milwaukee fucking Bucks, the Cavaliers are already looking forward to this shit fest.

One or two more weeks and the garbage will finally be taken out.

Cubs open thread

April 22, 2015 by


Maddon is refreshing. So far, I like what the Cubs are doing.   Thoughts?

Doug Buffone was the man.

April 20, 2015 by


Well, this isn’t what I was expecting on a cold and cloudy Monday afternoon. Right before this, I changed the channel at work to Comcast SportsNet for the Bulls pregame stuff. Instead, I see the news of former Bear and Bears Post Game host on The Score, Doug Buffone, passing away. He was 70.

For years (I think the last ten), myself along with many others, have listened to him and Ed O’Bradovich after Bears’ games on The Score. As it went most of the time, Doug and O.B. were absolutely pissed. While entertaining at times, it was really them expressing themselves. That’s what I loved. Friday mornings during football season, Buffone would be on Mully and Hanley with his “Pick 5 with 55″ segment that was very entertaining at times.

Doug Buffone was a Bears fan. Him and O’Bradovich wanting the Bears to win more than any of us. That’s what I loved about him. I’ve been fortunate enough to talk to him on The Score throughout the years. The last time I called was on Thanksgiving to vent my frustrations about the team after their less-than-stellar performance against the Lions. I am glad we always agreed on how awful things were. I will miss calling that show without him. I called his show, as well as the station so many times throughout the years, I felt like we were friends.  In college, he had a show called “Chicago NFL Live” almost every weeknight and because I was always at the restaurant working nights, I listened to that show religiously.

This day feels just like the day we lost Ron Santo. Part of my childhood went away that day almost five years ago.

Today, I felt like part of my early adulthood left the world. This isn’t fun.

Message to NBC: Get rid of Kenny Albert

April 17, 2015 by


I am so sick of hearing this fucking dweeb. We’ve had to deal with Kenny Albert calling games for Fox over the last decade and change and now, NBC has pissed me off the last two NHL seasons with this dip shit.

I call Kenny Albert the new kiss of death to Chicago sports. I am aware that the Bears have sucked over the last decade (make that two decades), but it was him who called a lot of those games. Last year, it was his fucking voice that made the Blackhawks loss in the Western Conference Final more painful. Before him, it was Dick Stockton, who was the original kiss of death with Chicago sports. I am shitting myself if he ends up calling more games with the Blackhawks in them. He called one for the Blackhawks and Blues about a month ago and go figure, the Blackhawks lost.

Why does NBC not find better announcers (John Forsuland, Rick Peckham) than this asshole? He is already the radio play-by-play guy for the Rangers. Let him stick to that. Quit putting him on television.

Kenny Albert fucking sucks and is just a shell of his dad was and still is.

Fuck you, Kenny Albert. In the words of Mad City Mac, fuck him with a rusty fence post.


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