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How many days until Tom Thibodeou will be fired?

November 7, 2013

Well, a good start for the Bulls at 1-3. If this continues, we’re looking at Christmas Eve. So for you stat wizards out there, that’s 47 days.

David Schuster of 670 The Score believes it as well. He reports players disagreeing with ThomASS in practice as well as in games. While respect is still there, he thinks it could turn into the same situation that happened with Scott Skiles in 2007. Fact is, the players are starting to get restless.

In the words of the late great Owen Hart: Enough is enough and it’s time for a change.

Marc Trestman is an actual head football coach.

November 4, 2013

From our good friend DVX in the previous thread:

Just once I would like to see the Bears actually find a way to overcome everything in their path right now…a defense that is too old, too hurt, and too crappy, a second-string QB, a first-year head coach…and pull one of the biggest upsets in this rivalry and steal a big win at Lambeau. How many times have we seen bullshit upsets that we never saw coming? How many times have we seen an 0-fee team pull a win out of its ass late in the season? Is it too much that the Chicago Bears strap on some pride and professionalism, put on the man-pants and fucking go out and bust their ass to WIN THE GAME? LIKE THEY’RE BEING PAID MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO DO???

Go Bears, dammit!!!

Prayers answered.

Unbelievable. Now, we never root for a player, no matter which team it is, to be seriously hurt. I don’t like the Packers but no one could or should hate Aaron Rodgers. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Unfortunately, he has tortured the Bears too often. However, fans of the Packers have done nothing but give us shit over the years about how their team has only had one or two quarterbacks start in the last 20 years or whatever compared to the 1,365 the Bears have had during that time. For at least one night, the Packers and their fans have finally felt what it was like to go through the garbage that we have endured all of these years.

Offense: Josh McCown is awesome. You’re not. Matt Forte is a man that I love dearly. Martellus Bennett has balls. You don’t. Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery are better than all of the wide receivers the Bears have had since 1995. In fact, they are the best receivers the Bears have ever had. Suck it Curtis Conway.

Defense: Honestly, I was pissed at those huge runs the Packers had throughout the game. I was screaming “TACKLE SOMEBODY YOU PIECES OF SHIT!” all game. The way I saw it, that was the only way the Packers were going to beat the Bears and yet, Seneca Wallace was passing a bit and it didn’t work. Julius Peppers had an interception. Now, let’s look at some more good things. Shea McClellin has been a let down so far in his career but holy shit, he knocked out Aaron Rodgers. Him and Wooten really haven’t done anything in their careers other than hurt a former and current Packer quarterback.

Special Teams: Blocked punts make me ANGRY! Robbie Gould nailing two field goals is muy bien.

With the Rodgers injury, who knows how long he is going to be out. The Bears, at this point, have a legitimate chance to gain some ground in the division with a legitimate chance to win it while Rodgers is sidelined. The Lions are next at home and it’s for first place.