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The Cubs (would anybody like to contribute?).

May 22, 2021

Hello, my frendts!

The Cubs have been playing better recently, which is encouraging. That said, it’s a long season.

I’ll continue to post as possible, but I haven’t been following as closely as I have in the past (mostly due to scrambling to keep afloat the past 14+ months when my income was upended due to Covid). I’ve managed to stay in the game, and now things are looking up as the work is beginning to return.

I’ll continue to post as time allows but if any of you are interested in contributing your thoughts for a new Cubs thread, please respond here and I’ll provide you with my personal email to submit your thoughts and words (not accepting prayers at this time hahaha)…unedited, of course!

All the Best ~ genre

FLASHBACK #1 …a walk down memory lane!

May 5, 2021

…Contreras just grounded into a DP to end the bottom of the 10th, missing a bases loaded opportunity to win the game.

So, here is an opportunity to revisit a most entertaining thread from 2008, when Fro was still a Cubs fan (!!). Big fun, ENJOY!!

Chicago Cubs reliever Pedro Strop elects free agency after appearing in just two games this season

May 5, 2021

Sound off, my frendts!

chucky, the floor is yours: 1-2-3….go!

Will the Cubs ever hit again?

April 11, 2021

Bryant and Baez are the only starters hitting over .185.


That. Is. All.

Where’s Pedro?

March 31, 2021

Cubs prospect is a bust!

March 20, 2021

Jake Arrieta?

February 13, 2021

I’m ok with this, if it happens. Not a bad move, IMOP. Thoughts?

Are the Cubs selling out?

January 24, 2021

If they trade Bryant AND Hendricks, I’ll have to think thrice about Jed Hoyer, and the Cubs ownership. Are they trying to compete with the Bears?

Trading Hendricks makes no sense…he’s not a velocity pitcher, his ‘age’ should not be a factor. And they’ve traded Darvish already. What’s next?

Darvish and Caratini have been traded …who’s next?

December 29, 2020

I’ve been mostly distracted since the gig economy was disrupted 9 months ago. To be honest, it was hard (for me) to take this past season seriously.

Darvish was great this year in a 60-game season. Caratini was more than solid, and there are rumors that Contreras may be traded (?).

Salary dump? Tanking 2021 to build the farm and bounce back in 2022?

My frendts…what do you think?

Bye bye Theo.

November 17, 2020

Having experienced the 2016 Cubs World Series Championship under Theo’s watch, I’ll always be grateful for his part in making it happen.

It will be interesting to see where he ends up….thoughts?